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white windows on a brick house with flowers on the bottom.
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Moving to suburbs from the city

white windows on a brick house with flowers on the bottom.

Moving to the suburbs is starting to be more and more popular. Living in big cities is starting to lose its appeal.

City life can seem very exciting and thrilling, especially for younger individuals that are fresh out of college. However, the city lights can be very attractive to many, regardless of their age. At first glance, the city has so much to offer to all of us. There are many opportunities to have an exciting social life and there is never a lack of pizza in the morning hours. In other words, you have it all whenever you please.

Yet, after some time it does start to get a little dull and exhausting. Thus, there is no surprise that many have been moving to the suburbs. Are you wondering how can the city get so old that you would want to relocate to the suburbs? Well, here are some of the main reasons why people are ditching the city life and moving to suburbia.

You will have more space to enjoy

Crowded streets and packed restaurants aren’t the only places in the city where you can feel suffocated. Small spaces and large crowds lately best characterize large cities. Unfortunately, our homes tend to cause the same problem. The more time passes the smaller properties tend to run in cities. Relocating to suburbs would give you a chance to live in a much larger space for the same money or even cheaper. Move and get away from busy New York or any other large city. It is time to give yourself a break. You and your family will certainly enjoy the extra space. Also, your bank account will probably get a break as well, from high rent payments or mortgages.

You will finally have a chance to experience nature every day

Finally, you will have a chance to open your front or back door and experience nature instantly. Having a garden or a yard can be for some a dream come true. Moving to the suburbs will give you a chance to bring to life all your yard ideas. Of course, parks are available in the cities. Still, they are often overcrowded and surrounded by traffic and other joys of the big city. Not to mention the pollution in the air and the lack of that much-needed fresh breeze. All of this can be a daily enjoyment when living in suburbia.

a large backyard with lots of green grass and flowers.


Having a yard will give you a daily opportunity to enjoy nature. 

Your kids and pets will love moving to the suburbs 

Under no circumstances can you go out for a walk with your dog and leave it out of your sight. Let’s not even mention your kids. You feel like a watchdog every single time you go to a playground or park. Well, things are very different in the burbs. Grab a cup of your favorite Columbian roast and enjoy it, while your kids and pets freely play in your yard. We are not saying that you should stop being a diligent parent, but you will have much more room to breathe. Your kids will finally put down their iPads and they will enjoy the outside. And your pets will be happier and less destructive within your home since they will get the exercise that they really need.

Life, in general, is less expensive 

Don’t get us wrong, life in the suburbs is not cheap. However, it is less expensive than living in a big city. Supermarkets are less pricey and since you have more living space you can start buying in bulk. So, you can save money on both fronts. Real estate and groceries. Other life expenses tend to be cheaper as well. The only thing you might spend more money on is gas. Many residents of the big city depend on public transportation. This is not the case in the burbs. It might be even impossible to function without a car. But, in comparison to other expenses, this will be a piece of cake to cover. You can spend your extra cash on hiring a great real estate agent to find you the best possible suburban property.

Your wallet will finally get a little break once you relocate to the suburbs. Alt-text: credit cards sticking out of a jeans pocket.

Your commute will be much more enjoyable 

Are you tired of crowded subways and busses every single morning when heading to work? Once you relocate, there will be none of that. Train raids to the city from the suburbs are longer but much more enjoyable and peaceful. You will have a chance to read or tackle your work emails before you even step foot in your office. Car rides can also be spent as ME time. Listen to audiobooks or your favorite podcasts to get you psyched up for a new workday. This benefit of moving to the suburbs is enough for many to start browsing moving tips and getting the heck out of the city.

More peace and quiet even at home 

So, we know that the streets, markets, banks, and other establishments are quieter and easier to navigate than in the city. Making it less stressful and more enjoyable to handle errands and other business. Being at home will be in the same ballpark. Since the streets are less crowded, and the neighborhoods are less jammed with people, your home will be a more peaceful place as well. There will be no noisy garbage trucks in the morning and no drunk tourists a few feet under your widow.

During many research attempts, it has been proven that people living in the suburbs are less likely to experience stress than those that live in larger cities. Alt-text: a woman hugging a man. They are both smiling, and they look very happy.

Hire professional movers when moving to the suburbs 

Even if you aren’t moving far away, it would be smart to hire help. Professional movers are experienced, and they will get you from the city to the burbs in no time. Since your costs of living will substantially drop in the suburbs, you can invest your leftover cash into professional moving help. At first, it is very possible that you will contemplate do you really need professional assistance. However, once it is all said and done, and you have settled into your new home, you will realize that they were worth every penny. If you are hunting for reliable movers that can safely move you, contact Manhattan Movers NYC.

Are you ready for the suburban life? 

Some people are just addicted to the hustle and bustle of the city. They wouldn’t give up cab rides at 3 am and the racket of the streets for anything. While others dream of getting away from such things. It all depends on your preferences. Only you can know what do you and your family need? However, if you are ready to settle down somewhere more peaceful with more space and nature, the suburbs might be just what the doctor ordered.

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