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Do you need Yard design Ideas? Keep reading this Article for more Info

Are you thinking of changing the image of your garden? The final success will depend on various factors such as the available space, the characteristics of the area, the plants and trees are chosen. Hope that you can design a beautiful and functional outdoor space, we are going to give you some Yard design ideas and concepts about garden design. Continue reading and you will find good ideas to change your mind.

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Ideas and concepts: Space control

Many times, in the planning of these spaces, the work of a professional is behind which takes into account determining factors such as topography, climate, orientation, etc. Also, the sensitivity of the good designer will capture the essential landscape, its elements and of the architecture surrounding the garden. Maintaining visual interest enriches the design. Mystery and surprise are considered two essential ingredients in both formal gardens. A wide view of the garden, where everything is visible with a simple look, ends up being monotonous and boring. When designing the garden it is important to keep in mind that this is a place to relax. In this way, the spaces for sitting, eating and resting that invite an outdoor life are fundamental. Ideally, the gardens have areas sheltered from the wind and where you can enjoy a refreshing shade to rest. In these spaces, the furniture has a primary role. Its integration in the garden must combine concepts of functionality, effectiveness and attractiveness.

Rules for designing a garden

Prepare a map with real measurements, observe the sun’s path, look at the surroundings and discover how the different natural elements are distributed. However, choose plants for all seasons, not just spring or summer. When you go to select the plant species, you have to keep in mind the size of the garden, the place where they will be located and the maintenance they will need. It is not recommended to plant isolated specimens or choose one of each species. It is advisable to form groups of the same type of species to be able to appreciate the different tones of their leaves and flowers. You should take into account the volume that plants and trees will have once they grow to plant them at the proper distance.

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Plant selection is crucial

The type of terrain, the amount of light, the humidity, the temperature and the budget allocated to its greater or lesser maintenance are variables that influence the choice of plants. Other factors are also important such as the type of garden – city, countryside or coast – and its style – French, English, Mediterranean, wild, etc. Although, plants are not only selected according to the beauty of their flowers, but also for their shape, volume, size, texture, or because the garden conditions are favourable for their survival.

When it comes to indoor or outdoor gardening, the option is endless, especially for yard designing ideas. No matter which design you want, Garden Help professionals are keen ready to give your yard the best design you can ever imagine. Call the gardening experts today and beautifully design your garden yard.


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