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What You Can Expect with the Basement Waterproofing

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One of the main characteristics of a good basement is its high quality protection against rainfall and aquifers. If all the rules and requirements for construction and decoration are met, then it will be durable, safe and dry. However, even the best external waterproofing eventually loses its properties. Consequently, it is necessary to waterproof the base from the inside. Here are some words on basement waterproofing.

Special features

It should be kept in mind that waterproofing only from inside the base is ineffective. For a good protection against groundwater and rainfall, it is necessary to apply a complex of waterproofing measures, which is carried out during the construction of the basement. For example, a clay castle is being built under the floor and a blind area is being executed or drainage with external waterproofing.

  • The groundwater problem often occurs while neglecting the disposition of the drainage system, which removes the melt water. Otherwise, even a high quality waterproof interior basement will not keep it dry.
  • Partly with the problem of excessive humidity in the basement it helps to cope with the correct blind area around the building. It does not allow precipitation to penetrate the foundations. Furthermore, the depth of the blind area should be 30 centimeters, width – more than the width of the foundation. A cushion of clay, rubble and sand, which is poured with cement and decorated from above, necessarily lies on its bottom.
  • Only after drainage, external waterproofing and blind area are completely ready, the internal waterproofing will be able to show a good result. Of course, there are cases where, for example, the basement has already been built for a long time, but it has become much more humid. Therefore, before waterproofing the interior, first check the external conditions and, if necessary, update it.

The basements, which were built in areas with low levels of groundwater, need above all high quality protection. However, it happens that the aquifer simply changes its level and you have to apply urgent measures. Without a proper waterproofing of the basement from the inside in this case, fungi, mold, corrosion can appear, the products deteriorate or the foundations collapse. If the basement is at home, compromised waterproofing can lead to a distortion of the microclimate even in residential premises.

The internal waterproofing of the basement from the aquifers must be carried out completely to better protect the walls, the ceiling and the floor. At the same time, the joints of the surfaces (between the walls and the ceiling, the walls and the floor, the joints of the walls between them), the joints of the blocks in the foundation, the joints of the masonry, the yards of communications, cracks or Faults from the collection of the structure must be carefully protected.


A plaster for waterproofing the foundation is the best for producing bituminous mastic. Such a simple action will significantly reduce the cost of repairs. You need to start the process from the floor and complete it with work on the floor.

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.