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What Is Asbestos And Why Is It Restricted In Building Materials?

Asbestos is used for electrical and building material for insulation because durable and incombustible. This is the main reason that it is widely used, especially between the years 1930 to 1970. Whereas, it is still used in the construction materials, automotive industry, and building industries. However, it is banned due to its toxicity and harmful to human beings’ health since 1980. Many cases seen when the asbestos burns, the nearby people face problem in breathing, so the scientist researches on it and found that the asbestos contains materials like ACM. That mix-up in the air release toxic particles which directly harms to human beings lungs, this problem mainly found in the construction workers from the exposure ad inhalation.

Why asbestos survey is required?

By just inspecting from naked eyes are not enough that the building is containing asbestos materials or not. Only and only an asbestos survey, which includes the sampling and the analysis in the laboratory of the sample that was provided. The scientists will easily find the asbestos and quantity that is used in the building material.

Building Inspection

An asbestos survey is commonly held in held as a part of building inspection because it is part of the diligence in between the real estate commercially transactions, financial, before the demolition, and building renovation. Alternatively, it is also suspicious when the building is affected by natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, and storms. Nowadays, asbestos again continues to manufacture as well as uses in some building materials to this day, and the made materials like roofing materials, joint compound, tiles for the floor, masts, window caulks, brake pads and insulations but rarely.

Building departments

Although many building departments will not issue a permit for the building until the asbestos is completely done. It is also a safety provides by the constructor since the renovation or demolition activities can releases toxic fibers into the air, as it could be harmful to the workers when they inhale during the construction period. An asbestos survey is compulsory after the flooding, a natural disaster has or damage due to the water. These situations disrupt or uniquely compromise a building structure. This should be the first step before any structure damage periods or before rebuilding.


There was lots of management for the removal of asbestos. Many options are given to the customer in insertion to the removal of ACM based on the customer’s need, abatement oversight, air monitoring, development of the operations, or clearance sampling to ensure that the asbestos fibers will not present in the air. However, asbestos increases air pollution, which is risky for human life.

Therefore, an asbestos survey is worth investing in life because it is a potential harm to the human experience and successful transactions across all types of multifamily and commercial real estate. It is tough to build a certified professionals team that stays current with local, state, federal regulations and required certificates like EPA AHERS, etc.

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.