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What Do Millennials Consider When Buying a House?

Smart technology, energy-efficient appliances, and a home office space comprise some of the home improvement projects that will help your house to stand out among millennial buyers.

Despite soaring home prices in the U.S., an increasing number of young Americans have been on the hunt for their own houses. The growing interest in homeownership became evident through their share of new housing loans as of early 2019. Home upgrades don’t have to cost a fortune, but you should start with improving your home’s curb appeal. Talk to any competent real estate agent and it’s unlikely for them to advise against doing some yard work.

Why Curb Appeal Matters

Gardening and landscaping improvements play a huge role in curb appeal. You can only spend a small amount without sacrificing aesthetics, especially if you’re aiming for a European-style landscape complete with Italian or Belgian copper garden planters. If you have a driveway, don’t forget to check for unsightly marks and weed growth to avoid ruining the rest of the landscape.

You can also create a clean look for the yard by simply putting a new set of mulch, which doesn’t require too much effort and money. However, ask a landscaping expert about the differences among certain varieties. While mulch stops weed growth, some types of plants and flowers need a specific kind to thrive in the garden.

Choose Your Upgrades

The logic behind curb appeal has to do with enticing buyers to look inside your house. Once you set a simple budget for landscaping, the real work then starts upgrading certain areas. Home office spaces have become popular because a lot of millennials are engaged in remote work. In fact, government data showed that over 13 million people work outside of a traditional office.

In terms of smart technology, millennial buyers often prefer devices like a smart thermostat or doorbell. You need to showcase the house as full of connectivity features. Energy Star-rated appliances, environment-friendly furniture or fixtures, and sustainable systems like solar panels are also good selling points for them.

Focus on Fundamental Repairs

If you can’t afford to expand your house for a home office or install smart appliances, there are still ways for your house to stand out. A fresh coat of paint is an example, but don’t just pick any color. Choose neutral shades such as whitewashed gray and cream. You can use these colors in the bathroom or kitchen, which are two of the most important rooms for possible upgrades.

Kitchen renovations will likely cost more than a bathroom makeover. Don’t forget to consult a real estate appraiser to determine the potential return on investment from your home improvement projects.


Modern home features and appliances may attract more millennial buyers, but these upgrades would be negated with a lackluster front yard. Take note that most people decide on a purchase within seconds as soon as they see your property from the outside, so your landscaping should be just as attractive as the inside of the house.

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