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Top Benefits of Using Marker Board Laminates 

In modern educational institutes and corporate spaces, there’s a growing trend of choosing marker grade laminates instead of traditional whiteboards. This is because these marker board laminates are an excellent choice when it comes to choosing economic alternatives. The key benefit of marker board laminates is their outstanding durability. Compared to traditional white boards, they are sturdier and last longer which is why they are so commonly used in commercial and institutional spaces. High durability combined with economical rates makes them the ideal choice for buyers. If you are looking for marker board laminates, check the Archidlam Marker Board collection that is manufactured using high-quality products and designed meticulously to ensure top-notch results. You can choose from a range of marker laminates that appear aesthetic and are ideal for modern spaces. Mentioned below are a few benefits of Archidlam Marker Boards:

Maintenance and Cleaning are a piece of cake

With Archidlam Marker Boards, you do not have to worry about cleaning and maintenance. During the manufacturing process, the items are processed in a manner that they do not get dirty or stained easily. The unique manufacturing process allows them to turn spotless in a single wipe. Using just a piece of cloth to wipe them or dusting them is sufficient to keep them clean at all times. Also, the manufacturing allows this laminate to gain more durability than regular laminates used everywhere.

Resistant to Climatic Conditions

India is a vast country with different climatic conditions in different parts. This is why laminates used in India should be able to sustain various weather conditions like moisture, heat, water, etc. These weather conditions can significantly reduce the longevity of laminates and ruin the décor of interiors if they do not have proper resistance. Hence, it is imperative to buy quality marker board laminates resistant to various external factors and manufactured by renowned companies. Archidlam Marker Boards are far superior to any traditional board used in corporate houses and schools. This is the main reason why marker board laminates are quickly taking over the market and becoming widely common in the educational and corporate sectors.

The Various Uses

Marker board laminates are also used by children as scribbling boards, for practicing math or simply doodling. It’s a great idea to keep a marker board laminate in the kitchen as it can be used as a menu board or for scribbling notes or grocery lists. Can also keep toddlers entertained while their mothers are busy cooking in the kitchen.

Thus, when it comes to its uses, you have abundant choices. Experts consider marker board laminates the ideal material for conference rooms, auditoriums, schools, colleges, and various other institutions. Since these laminates are so easy to maintain and clean, the commercial spaces hugely prefer this as an alternative to traditional laminates. Archidlam marker board laminates give a very sophisticated and classy look to a room. Also, they can be used as a surface when something needs to be written with a marker. In restaurants and open bars, marker grade laminates are used for displaying menu and discount offers.

Where to look for good-quality Marker Laminates?

If poor quality marker board laminates are used, they might lose their aesthetic appeal very soon and ruin the overall appearance of the room. To ensure that good quality marker board laminates are used, always go with renowned manufacturers like Archidply. They are one of the top laminate manufacturers in India and offer other products like shuttering plywood as well. 

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