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Is it Expensive to Change my Patio Doors?

Patio doors can be a key feature of any rear property renovations. They give you an upgraded view and better access to your garden, along with great functionality and high security. The natural light they provide can open up your rear property spaces.

Traditionally, defined as any door that opens onto a patio, garden or terrace area. The term now includes sliding doors, bi-folding and French doors. The type you choose will depend on the design style, budget and the size of the opening.

Price of Patio Doors

Finding the cost of patio doors can be complicated to begin with. Prices can jump up depending on material, dimensions and design. Here is a guide to help you compare patio door prices.

Basic starting price of patio doors:

-Sliding doors, £450+

-French doors, £380+

-Bi-folding doors, £895+

Remember, these prices are for the standard, mass produced sizes. The cost may rise significantly once you change the dimensions to fit your available space or change the materials to suit your design preferences. These prices could double or even triple. 

Price of Labour

Installing the patio doors, yourself can save you a lot of money. However, it should only be done if you are confident in your ability. For most people, the employment of a professional joiner is a wise decision to ensure the job is done properly. Click here for a labour cost calculator. 

Cost of Patio Doors Installation 

These estimations can help you get a rough feel for what costs to expect. They cover a standard opening of 1.2m x 2.1m and are based on a having one tradesman and one labourer at a total cost of £350 per day.

New uPVC pair to replace old French doors:

1.5 days’ work- £375

Materials- £425

Extras- £100

Total- 900

Fitting new uPVC French doors into converted window space:

3 days work- £750

Materials- £425

Extras- £300

Total price- £1475

Fitting uPVC French doors by creating a new opening:

4 days’ work- £1000

Materials- £425

Extras- £500

Total price- £1925

Additional Options

If you choose glazed wooden French doors add £325 to the materials cost. Similarly, if you choose Georgian doors, please add £575. Follow this link to View more option for you doors.

Things to Consider

Load-bearing lintel might need to be installed, if you are creating or modifying a large opening for your patio doors to be fitted into. Ensure this extra work is included in building quotes, when you are comparing company prices. If a structural engineer needs to be consulted, you can expect an extra cost of approximately £100.

Whoever you choose for the patio door installation, they must be members of a Competent Persons Scheme (CPS). They are a lot of participants, but CERTASS and FENSA are the most well-known. If you do not use a CPS, you will need to pay a fee of £200 to certify the job with your local building control.


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