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Tips for different types of Roofing shingles and tiles

Complete Guide to Roof Installation and Local Roofers.

If you don’t desire to build another floor above the home, you have a chance to update your roof and enhance the look of home. It protects you from the leakage problem of the roof and gives a tightly sealed dry house that looks very attractive. There are many types of roofing materials available in Los Angeles, so you should know more about different materials rather than replacing it with the same material you have. You can ask the roofing contractor for the best options.

Types of roofing

Asphalt composite shingles

Asphalt composite shingles are based on a fiberglass base covered with mineral granules and asphalt. This is a good choice for home roofing. If the roof has some leakage problem, you can easily replace individual singles so you do not need to learn tips for how to repair a leaking roof.  

Standing Seam metal Roofing

This is based on the aluminum or steel roofing panels and interlocking prevents moisture. Metal roofs are more popular because of heavy snowfall and fireproof material used. This roof is long-lived and you can easily recycle it but for the installation, you require professionals. 

Clay tile

These tiles are made from earthen clays, you can see in rolled or interlocking shapes. Mostly, it is in reddish-orange color and its ceramic roofing tiles are more glazed to see. These are very good materials for hot climates.

Synthetic slate tile

Synthetic slates are constructed from a combination of polymers with rubber and plastic. These slates are very light weighted and hard to distinguish. Choosing synthetic tile is the best option that can’t support heavy weight slates.     

Concrete tile 

Concrete tiles are made from sand-mix concrete. It is a good alternative of clay tiles. Installation process of these tiles is completed with a decorative coating. It has a heavy material roofing which are mostly used in high wind regions. 


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