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The Right Kind of Furnace for Your Use

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When it comes to remodeling a house, one of the most important questions is “should I use gas or electricity?”. Doubt is very common, especially when it comes to consumption, quality and price. Some say the gas heating system is more favorable, however it is not available in any location and may have too high an installation cost. With the right heating furnace – Athens, GA you can find the best option.

The Right Systems

Choosing between one system and another will be crucial in the future when renting your student housing. Winter in Portugal may not be harsh, but most homes are not prepared for cold and damp. Another important factor is whether there are natural gas networks in your area if you choose this solution and whether it is worth remodeling just to replace the system.

  • Electric heating may seem more expensive, but there are ways to make it more cost effective if used well. If this is the logic, look for good heat accumulators, as many on the market have timed hot water, which makes winter bathing very difficult and can make their tenants unhappy. Not to mention that the “cheap is expensive”, that is, it is not always better to choose the most affordable solution, as it may need a lot of maintenance in the future.

Make weights and measures, see what would be your home consumption with all rooms occupied, leaving room for more and less. You can simulate gas and electricity tariffs on the Deco portal.

The Use of the Gas?

If you have natural gas in your street and building and the installation is viable, this may be the best alternative. The price evolution of this resource is slower than other forms of energy. Despite the expensive and laborious installation, it requires little maintenance. Condensation boilers are more effective and give better results.

Some important tips can also help you reduce your electricity consumption if you use it wisely. For example, choose a bi-hourly rate . “What is this?” You ask. Basically it is a division of hours on the day when electricity consumption is much more affordable. Often the cheapest time is between 20h and 8h, depends on the service provider.

With that kind of information, just let your tenants know when to use washing machines or similar appliances that consume a lot of energy. You can also agree an X value, which when exceeded should be informed by the tenant.

Most Important Part

The most important thing is always to keep an eye on the meters and remember to contact companies to pass the numbers monthly, avoiding possible unexpected readjustments.

Gas or electricity, everything will depend on you and your need. Thoroughly research the rates of all carriers before closing a deal, as this can always lead to discounts or even avoid costly plan changes. 

Basically, the market for electric heating equipment includes infrared, oil, convection devices and fan heaters. In addition to them, there are combined and heat-accumulating models. The latter are more suitable for warming houses, so we will not dwell on them in detail and talk about the pros and cons of other appliances. And also give tips on how to find the best heater for the apartment. 

Choose a heater for the apartment:

Types of devices and their characteristics

  • Fan
  • Oil
  • Convector
  • Infrared 

What to look for when buying

  • Power
  • Types of heating elements
  • Type of management
  • Mandatory Functions 


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