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The Perfect Christmas Gift – Christmas Hampers

3 Perfect Christmas Gifts to Give - Christmas and Advent

Christmas is almost here. And without a large hamper laden with edible and drinkable goodies, Christmas isn’t Christmas. 

Christmas is a momentous occasion in which family members, relatives, and friends meet to celebrate. During this celebration, gifts, just as smiles, laughter, and joy, are exchanged. You probably know that you need to buy a gift for your friends and family. But, choosing the right gift can be a daunting task because everyone has his or her preferences. Besides, there are a variety of Christmas baskets to choose from. 

Well, this article gives you the perfect Christmas hampers and reasons why they are the perfect gift to suit the tastes of your recipients. 

Reasons Why Hampers Are Perfect Christmas Gifts

  1. They contain gift items that most people consider universal because they fit both men and women.
  2. You can easily find them in all stores all over the world.
  3. You can give them to one person or many people.
  4. Most stores offer you the option of customizing content to fit the preferences and tastes of your recipients. You can wrap items belonging to males or females in different boxes. Also, you can add a personalized message inside the hamper. 
  5. They are cheap compared to other commercial products.

Here are some of the perfect hampers that you can give to your friends and relatives. 

  1. Christmas Opulence Hamper

Just as the name suggests, this hamper has got a variety of high-quality food items. It’s ideal when you want to spoil your loved one, family members, friends, or even yourself. The Christmas opulence hamper has;

  • 350g traditional Christmas pudding
  • 100g Bettenays nougat of various flavors
  • 110g truffle mustard
  • 40 ml truffle oil
  • 150g pan chocolatti
  • 250ml balsamic vinegar
  • 60gm chocolate caramels
  • 115g antipasto set
  • 120gm dark chocolate bark
  • 250ml salted caramel sauce
  • 400g gourmet whistlers
  • 90g whistlers freckled chocolate
  • 500ml sparkling noir chardonnay 
  • Olive farm divine wine
  1. Festive Entertainer Hamper

If you don’t drink alcohol, a Festive Entertainer can be an alternative. With savory nibbles, sweet treats, and tasty puddings, you can enjoy this hamper’s goodies during Christmas lunch or gift it to your friend or family member. It includes:

  • 125gm garlic nibbles
  • 260gm cheeseboard set
  • 90gm freckled chocolate
  • 400gm whistlers rocky road
  • 240gm four-pack Cointreau and orange pudding
  • 310gm shiraz chocolate sauce and mandarin chili
  • 180gm chocolate-coated salted caramel
  • 400gm kalamata olives
  • 200gm Bettenays nougat of various flavors
  1. Gluten-Free Christmas Hamper

This hamper is yours if you’re health-conscious and allergic to gluten products. It has an excellent mix of savory and sweet products that can delight you over Christmas. They include;

  • 200gm Gluten-free pudding
  • 200gm Salted caramel nougat
  • 100gm Bloomsberry milk chocolate bar
  • 100gm Australian sweet set
  • 150gm Barossa gourmet fudge
  • 100g Chocolate mint almonds
  • 250ml Gluten-free brandy liqueur sauce 
  • 200g Co Kalamata and Ogilvie olives
  • Wafers free from gluten
  • A tin of Rubra tea
  1. Blitzen Bonanza Hamper

If you love or want to gift your friend with chocolate, this hamper is the perfect fit for you. It’s affordable, popular, and has a mix of chocolate treats. In this hamper you’ll find;

  • 75g Co butter shortbread
  • 70g Whistlers chocolate tree
  • 200g Whistlers chocolate pudding
  • 115g Chocolate sauce and mandarin chili
  • 80g Cointreau pudding
  • 100g Australian candy mix
  1. Comet’s Collection Hamper

Comet’s collection is packed with drinks and treats. When you purchase it, you’ll get an additional bottle of your favorite alcohol wrapped in the gift box. This hamper has;

  • 250ml brandy custard
  • 250g coffee beans
  • 350g Christmas pudding
  • 95g Co lime and Ogilvie raspberry rock
  • 200g Co antipasto and Ogilvie bowl set
  • 400g Whistlers milk chocolate (white or dark)
  • 90g whistlers chocolate star
  • 145g chocolate dipped in a Christmas tree box
  • 100g chocolate drops
  • Your preferred crush wine, two valley ciders, and two creature beers
  1. Divine Decadence Hamper

Divine decadence is for those who have a dark taste. It contains an array of dark foods that may entertain you. The products in this hamper include;

  • 40ml truffle oil
  • 280g seeded mustard
  • 200g Co antipasto and Ogilvie olive set
  • 250ml balsamic vinegar
  • 280g pickled pears
  • 210g tomato relish
  • 50g Hot choc spoon
  • 250g coffee beans
  • 250g nougat milk chocolate praline
  • 120g sea salt dark chocolate
  • 70g chocolate block
  • Your preferred bottle of wine, spirit or premium champagne
  1. Dasher’s Delight Hamper

This hamper suits you if you’ve got a sweet tooth. It has lollies, cookies, and many chocolates that may be great for you or your family members who love sweet things. The products in this hamper include;

  • 100g Christmas drops
  • 120g milk chocolate
  • 200g Whistlers milk chocolate pudding
  • 170g Australian rock candy
  • 250ml dessert sauce
  • 400g Brandy and rum cake
  • 50g chocolate spoon
  • 44g gingerbread tree
  • 125g spiced shortbread bells
  1. Jingle Bells Hamper

Just like Dasher’s Delight, you’ll love this hamper if you have a sweet tooth. The delicious lollies, chocolates, and cookies in it also make it the right choice for kids. Here are items included in this hamper;

  • 70g Christmas tree lollipop
  • 80g Chocolate pudding
  • 100g Christmas mix candy
  • 100g chocolate bar
  • 120g Christmas bells and stars
  • 30g Freckled chocolate star
  • 50g chocolate spoon
  • 150g gingerbread trees, shortbread or lemon pistachio
  1. Silent Night Hamper

This hamper is your perfect fit if you want to gift a group of people. It’s filled with delectable Christmas delicacies and a bottle of either white or red wine. The savory foods in this basket include;

  • 350g Smoked bacon crisps
  • 200g Caramelised chutney 
  • 100g Sweet and Salted popcorn
  • 150g Pudding butter
  • 200g Chocolate marshmallows
  • 100g Irish-cream fudge

Final Word

If you’re looking for affordable gifts to give to your family members, friends, and relatives during Christmas, hampers are a good fit. You can customize the baskets with items that you want each person to receive and add a special message for each one. Also, these gifts are universal, and you can find them in stores all over the world.  

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