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I wasn’t exactly jealous but I wasn’t terribly happy either.

My cousin comes rushing into the hallway. I’m in the kitchen sorting things out.

I’ve bought my home! …  I’ve bought my home! … Can you help me pack. She jumps up and down in the hallway

Turns out she’s buying an apartment in Lakeside. Less than 30 mins into London and it is completing today !

Bearing in mind we both went to university together.  Not the same university but still! So you understand the not so happy part. I mean happy for her but not for me.

Anyway. She goes and buys a one bed apartment while I’m at home with Mum.

Wow!!! I say with a frozen smile stuck across my  face. I tried to make said smile as big as possible.

I’d heard about the help to Buy scheme. Then this Help For Young Families. Charity. They’d given her a grant of £13000 or something.

I get in touch with said Charity and apparently  I’m not eligible for the Home Deposit Grant !

That’s just not fair !

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All’s not lost though. It has set me off in the right direction. I’m  trying to get a loan to cover my deposit. You might think Banks would frown on giving you a loan if you mentioned it’s for your home deposit and you might be right but there are other lenders out there who are more than willing to.

So let’s go troll the internet. I did. Do an extensive search. Remember lending money is a business. Everything in business has a price.  That includes the business of lending out money.

There are always hard money lenders. Come to an agreement and pay off bigger chunks at a time. I’ve made arrangements

Make sure you have income to cover your mortgage as well as your hard money lender for you but then.

I haven’t got my dream apartment yet but I’m on it.

Bits and pieces I’ve come across

Help For Young Families. Check and see if you can get a grant.

The Government has put a lot together to help. Check and see what help you can get

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