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The Best Way To Display Your Venetian Mask on a Wall

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Venetian Masks historically were used to protect the identity of its wearer so that they could cross social status’. This was particularly useful when attending parties and that’s essentially how the masquerade ball came about.

Although Venetian Masks are still used for the occasional party or festival, there are other ways to get joy out of these fantastic creations.

One way people like to use them is by hanging them on a wall for a centerpiece decoration, and we will run you through how you can do so too!

Get Prepped

First of all you will need to choose somewhere you want to display your mask. You will need to make sure your space has enough room for your mask, especially if it has large feathers. We recommend hanging it at eye level, which on average is around 60 inches from the floor.

Usually an office space, dining room, living room, hallway and even the stairs is a good choice. It’s best to choose to have a group of masks rather than the one, otherwise your wall could look a little odd. Make sure if you are choosing to go for a group of them to centre them, especially if they are above a sofa or a sideboard.

You will also need to make sure there is something to attach them to the wall with. Most Venetian Masks have a ribbon or a hook and eye, so make sure to look out for that.

The Layout

When thinking about the layout of your group of masks make sure you put the most elaborate in the center, as you don’t want to throw off the others in your arrangement. Remember three is the magic number – it makes it easy for decorating walls, whether it be photo frames or Venetian Masks.

Make sure that the masks you pick also go with the rest of your decor otherwise they will stand out like a sore thumb. Pick ones that compliment the other colours in the room and then you are on to a winner!

When thinking of your layout the best thing to do is to create a template using baking paper or something similar and stick them to the wall with masking tape until you are completely satisfied with the composition. This will avoid putting any unnecessary holes in the wall.

Time to Hang

If your masks have ties or fastenings on the back like we mentioned before, you are ready to hang. However, if your mask doesn’t already have this then you may need to seek out some string or ribbon which you can stick to your mask before you can get going.

For those which already have fastenings such as ribbon – tie these together to make a double knot. Measure down from the top of the mask until the ribbon and mark out this same measurement on your baking paper, which should be now stuck to the wall. This will determine where you put your holes in the wall whilst keeping your masks positioning.

Use a hammer to put in your picture hook. Then simply hang your mask and viola! Your wall has never looked so fabulous!



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