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5 Things To Look For In A Dining Table

How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Home - The New York ...

Are you in the market for a new dining table? Maybe it’s your first purchase, or perhaps, you wish to say goodbye to your old dinged-up piece of furniture. Whatever the case, finding the right dining table is often daunting. A simple search on Overstock alone yields nearly 3,000 search results! Reviews make narrowing down your search much easier, take a look at these Haverty‚Äôs reviews.

Narrowing down your results is very much possible with the following tips. Compiled with the help of an interior designer, you can ignore the pieces that will never work for you!

  1. Go Big

One of the first mistakes that many shoppers make is choosing a table that is much too small or seats the exact number of people in the household. You probably have a size in mind, but there is also a reality check that comes with designing any type of space. If your dining room can fit a table large enough for at least six people, a table much too small will look out of place. You will undoubtedly exert a lot of effort into filling the extra space with unnecessary objects and furnishings.

Quick tip: Think about the size of your dining room versus the number of people using the table.

  1. The Three Feet Rule

Though you will want a large table, you also need a realistic size that fits. The magic rule as agreed on by many designers is having three feet of clearance around the table on every side. Having this extra space allows guests to comfortably get up and walk around without hitting anything.

  1. Go Round For Small Spaces

The hardest aspect of designing is choosing a dining table for a space that’s small or cramped. For this reason, a round table is the perfect solution. With a smaller footprint and a great design, a round table can ensure you have plenty of space in your dining room. Plus, rounded tables are also ideal for breakfast nooks or dine-in kitchenettes in apartments.

  1. Go Glass

Not all homes are blessed with ample natural light and an airy feel. City apartments are all too often dark and short on space, making them doubly hard to decorate. A glass dining table is the best option for a dark room. It makes the area feel light and airy without adding bulk to an already tight room. It is true that glass is harder to care for than other materials, but the right glass cleaner can quickly help remove smudges and dust. Do make sure to use a simple lightweight centerpiece in the middle to protect the surface!

Quick tip: Use bold print chairs or silhouettes that can offset the simplicity of the glass design.

  1. Choose Metal

Wood is the most common choice for a dining table, but did you know metallic tables in gold, silver and copper can look fantastic? They match virtually any design or wallpaper. In fact, you can blend different types of metal together to still create a cohesive look. Metal table legs work well with many design ideas, trends and color palettes. Homeowners are often surprised by how well metallics play together. Though hardly seen as a neutral option, the fact remains a metal table is the best of both worlds.


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