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Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

One of the questions that is asked on a daily basis is whether it’s worth it to hire an interior designer. Hiring an interior designer Abersoch is an incredibly personal experience – some people wouldn’t dream of starting a project without the professional guidance of a designer, whilst others simply cannot justify the expense. Interior design Abersoch is something of a bespoke experience, if you want a guiding hand to help you through the swathes of fabric samples and texture then perhaps hiring a designer is for you. 

Hiring an interior designer is something only you can decide for yourself, but here are some of the key questions you should ask yourself before committing to work with a pro. 

What’s the financial plan for the project?

Whenever there is a new remodeling project, it is usually wise to consider budget first and foremost. If you want to employ a designer as well, you’ll need to think about how much you ideally want to spend but also if you’re ready for all the costs. 

You can choose to design the space on your own, choosing what you can do vs what you would like to hire someone else to do. You can even put the room together piece by piece if you don’t have a large, lump-sum of cash available. 

On the other hand, interior designers tend to collect their fees in one go. If you’re serious about a designer, make sure that you’re comfortable with how you’re going to be charged before signing anything on the dotted line. 

Do you have a sense of personal style?

Of course your own personal sense of style is going to be a big contributing factor as to whether you do the remodel on your own or hire a pro – you need to be happy with the end result. The easiest way to ensure that you’re going to be thrilled with the end result is to have a very firm idea of the aesthetics that appeal to you. 

Having the end goal visualised is super important if you’re going to hire someone to take charge of your design. He or she will base their styling decisions based on the parameters you set them, so if you’re feeling undecided and unsure you might be leaving yourself open to unfortunate miscommunications and hit-or-miss guesswork.

Taking on the designing responsibilities yourself means that you’ll have a larger margin for error. If needed, you’ll be able to spend as long as possible mulling over pieces you’re not 100% convinced about. You can also return pieces that don’t work, or switch up the design plan without incurring annoying excess fees. 

What services are you looking for?

You need to seriously consider what you want to get out of the project itself. Interior design is a lot more than just buying new furniture and putting a few fresh coats of paint on things. There is a careful balance of aesthetics and functionality, whilst also considering how each individual item is going to fit together in harmony.

Most interior designers offer an extensive list of services to cover your remodeling needs, including:

  • Design concepts 
  • Design consultations
  • Space planning
  • Site measurement and assessment
  • Project management
  • Purchasing or procurement

A full-service designer is going to prove to be the most costly option, but depending on the company you choose to work with, you might be able to create a bespoke design package suited to your needs. 

Hiring an interior designer isn’t for everyone, some people love handing over the workload, whilst others hate letting go of the control that they have over their own home. Take the time to make a considered decision.

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