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Removing Weeds from Your Patio

Stone paving looks beautiful, and can be a great addition to all home exteriors, possibly looking greater than all other flooring solutions. Not only this, but it is strong, durable and long lasting, making it what many consider to be the ultimate flooring solution! There is however one problem that many patio owners face, and this is the occurrence of weeds!

Patios look gorgeous until they become infested with unsightly weeds – But don’t worry, if you are a patio owner with a weed infestation today, we are here to help you, and will be providing you with everything you need to know to remove your weeds.

  • The best time to weed a garden is when the ground is moist, therefore you should either weed your patio after heavy rainfall or hose your patio down before you start
  • When weeding your garden, you should use tools to get deep under the weed’s roots. If you don’t get rid of the weeds roots you will find that they will come back time and time again. There’s a whole range of tools available for you to use it is all about finding what it right for your patio and the size between its cracks
  • Weeding your patio will take time, but it will be worth it. You need to plan to be there for a while, giving yourself plenty of time to complete the weeding and ensuring that you are wearing comfortable and appropriate clothing
  • Wear comfortable knee pads, tight-fitting gloves with a good-grip
  • Bring some music with you to listen to, this way time will fly by whilst you are weeding
  • Make sure that you take breaks when you get tired, stretch regularly and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Keep on top of your weeding, taking time out each week to inspect your patio and remove any weeds as soon as they become apparent
  • Invest in a good quality weed killer that will reduce the chances of any of the weed reoccurring – You may be able to purchase this from your local garden store but might be able to make savings by ordering online from companies such as London Stone
  • Consider sealing your patio properly, using a high-quality sealant to eliminate any chances of weeds coming back. This might cost you slightly more than all of the other steps, but it will stop weeds from growing and will save you from ever having to weed again
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