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For a while now, it has been common-place for things to be discarded when they no longer please us. However, it seems that we are slowly coming back around to being willing to repair things, upcycle, recycle, refurbish, recondition and renovate. The things around us are so rarely limited to one true purpose. This is true also of houses and the rooms within them, of course as time goes by your taste will change and the types of décor and fittings you have will no longer tickle your fancy. This does not mean, however, that you need to pack up and buy a place which feels more ‘you’ – you can create ‘you’ exactly where you are. Here are some ways to give your home a makeover that feels as good as a new house.

Paint the walls

Whether you have painted walls, textured walls or feature walls – the effect they have on the room is enormous. We often forget that there is such a drastic change available to us at a pretty low cost, and to make it even easier on the wallet, you can even try your hand at doing it yourself! Not only will that cut the cost in half but it can also be a fairly therapeutic thing to do and is something you can step back and admire every day from then forward. A colour change on a wall can transform the entire room from being dull and dated to vibrant and energetic, or a zen and calming haven – whatever you want it to be!

Adapt the Furniture

Enough cannot be said for moving furniture around. Even keeping the exact same pieces and simply swapping some placement and angles can truly give an entirely different feel to a room. Not only that but it can also make the room look different shapes – even bigger or more snug and cosy, depending on your preference. You could also try replacing or upcycling the furniture for a more drastic change.


If you’d like to make more subtle changes, you can integrate some new (items), here is a list of our favourite ___ to spruce up a dated décor.

  • Indoor plants – as well as being lovely to look at, many plants can help improve your health by cleaning the air, the best plants for this include Japanese peace lilies, aloe and jasmine – which can also aid your sleep!
  • Candles – these beauties are always a joy to watch flickering away, plus a delicious scent always makes a room more inviting
  • Mirrors – not only are there myriad variations in size and style to suit every room but mirrors also help to make a room look more spacious
  • Fairly lights – these never fail to make a room look cosier
  • Cushions/throws/rugs – these can completely change the style and feel of a room and, again, are usually pretty low cost!

Invest in New Fittings in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen, in particular, is one of the most used rooms in the house and is often one of the first things you notice. It’s not always necessary to pay through the nose for a huge extension to make your house look totally different – just changing the fitments within your home can make it look like a new house completely, but for a fraction of the price. Or, even if you were planning on eventually selling your house, ensuring it has an up to date kitchen, bathroom and wetroom will help ensure you maintain the value of the house.

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