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Real Grass Vs. Fake Grass – Choose the Artificial Grass

People love decorating their homes and courtyard especially. If you are also the kind of person who loves gardening and decorating your house or if you have recently bought a new home in California, then you must be thinking about decorating your backyard with a beautiful lawn. And I am sure for this you must have already got an idea i.e. using real grass for the lawn. But I will suggest that you don’t use real grass. There are many reasons for the same. And I will also tell you why you should choose artificial grass over the real grass.

Budget & Cost –

Firstly, I will tell you about the budget and the cost. If you decide to place a real grass, then you will have to raise your budget. It is because the cost of real grass is very high. You will have to spend double money, firstly on buying the grass and next is on the placement of these grasses i.e. fixing it on the ground. Then, next, you will have to spend the money on fertilizers for the grass and pesticides also. And trust me this is not just a one-time business, it will your monthly expense on all these things to maintain your real grass which is a very very tedious process and you have got to trust me.

Fake Grass Benefits –

Initially, it all looks beautiful and charming, but with time, it will drain out all your energies and make you so weary that you will not be able to enjoy the beauty of your lawn. So, it is recommended to you that you buy fake grass and get a quick fix for it which is permanent. Then, you also don’t have to worry about the fake grass growing long and the tension to call the gardener to chop it, or the grass becoming yellow and dried because of lack of water, etc. and so on.

No Allergy –

Next, the benefit that you will have in buying a synthetic grass is that you don’t have to worry about any kind of allergy that you will get with the real grass or if you have put up a real grass. The synthetic grasses are low maintenance grass which can be maintained very. Also, every time you don’t have to bother about the grass getting dried up or watering, putting fertilizer, etc. kind of stuff in the synthetic grass, plus you can also enjoy the beauty of this grass and one of the merits of this grass is that it looks very much real.

Soft Texture –

Artificial grass is the kind of grass which not only people from all around the globe love it but also the pets love sitting on the grass and relaxing on it. It is because the artificial grass has a soft texture, which makes them feel good. Also, your feet would love the texture of the grass beneath. Plus, artificial grass doesn’t get damaged easily. They are very much affordable and also you can decorate them in en number of ways in whichever corner of your house you want it. Also, eliminating pet odor is easy.

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