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Know here the Simple Steps to Tuckpointing Melbourne

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Do you know what exactly Tuckpointing is? Tuckpointing is a process of refilling or repairing brick the mortar joints. The packing or tucking of mortar using a tool, tuck pointer, into the damaged joint is tuckpointing. The mortar plays a vital role in the brick wall’s structural integrity. They bear the weight of the walls and hold together the bricks, keeping the water out. Tuckpointing Melbourne involving repairing mortar ascertains no need to replace the damaged bricks later.

Things you need

Eye protection, Hammer, Masonry towel, Tuck pointer, Mortar mix, Cold chisel, Bucket, Liquid latex binder, Stiff-bristle brush, Grinder featuring masonry disc, Jointing tool, Mortar hawk, etc.

Steps to Tuckpointing

Step 1: Tuckpointing Melbourne steps involve removing loose mortar using a cold chisel and hammer. The mortar can be cut using a grinder before chiseling. Clean to about ¬ĺ inch the old mortar such that the underneath solid should be seen. 

Step 2: Sweep dust and wobbly mortar from joints using a stiff-bristle brush. You may dip the brush in water and wet the joints. Using the brush, wet the bricks. But do not use a hose to spray water.

Step 3: Mix mortar in small amounts with water, using a masonry trowel and bucket. Add liquid latex binder to promote adhesion, while it reduces shrinking and cracking. Mix mortar to get the consistency of a pudding. Slice pieces using the trowel. 

Step 4:  Begin tuckpointing Melbourne on the horizontal joints. Hold the hawk under the joint and against the brick to be filled. Slide mortar using a tuck pointer into the open joint. Pack with mortar the open joint, scrape off extra mortar ensuring the joint is in level with the brick.

Step 5: Fill vertical joints using the tuck pointer and mortar in small amounts. Pack into the open joint. Ensure the joints are packed and if there is any extra mortar, scrape it off.

Step 6: Periodically, check mortar. It may start stiffening after applying the mixing within 30 minutes. Press into the mortar your thumb so that it leaves a light impression. Use jointing tools to strike the joints and match the width and shape of the joints existing. 

Step 7: Tuckpointing Melbourne is incomplete without proper curing time. Allow tooled joints to sit for 30 minutes undisturbed. Ensure the mortar is firm. Brush the joints using a stiff-bristle brush to eliminate from the joints the loose mortar. Spray water lightly on the new repair to slow the process of curing. Keep the area for 3 days water-misted and retain moisture by covering it with plastic sheeting.

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