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Heater Maintenance and Repair

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It’s hardly the time to be worrying about heating repair in Austin, Tx. Or is it? The off season for heater use can be the best time to have it checked. That way, your chances of surprises during that first real cold snap can be dramatically lessened.

The Right Time is Now

The very worst time to find out your heater isn’t working properly might be during the next real cold snap. Not only will the house be a refrigerator while you sort things out and contact repairmen, your odds of getting a good repairman out to see you quickly will be lower, because they will be busy handling the problems that come with that first cold weather. The fall, before any real cold spells hit, is actually the best time to have your heater checked. This annual check is important for all kinds of reasons. Rodents or other pests may have done some damage to your heating system or clogged your blowers. Blown fuses or circuit breakers can interrupt power. Many heaters utilize natural gas, and it is a good idea to make sure no leaks have developed in the system. For all of these reasons, your annual heater maintenance check is the first step against needing repair.

Heating Repair in Austin, Texas

Even with annual checks, and certainly without them, sometimes problems develop in your heater system during operation. These can include the heater not putting out heat, a malfunctioning thermostat, frequent cycling on and off, or the inability of the pilot light to light. The blower belt may come loose or break. Electric pilots sometimes develop faults. Limit controls may need adjustment. Simple time passing may cause deterioration of vital parts.  If the system is simply too damaged or old to function properly, a technician who is properly trained for the latest technology can safely and professionally install a new one for you.

Preventive Maintenance

An important key to keeping your heater from needing repair is an annual checkup and preventive maintenance visit. That’s important for your air conditioning unit as well. That way you catch problems early on, many times before they disrupt service. Also, that’s a good time to meet the representative of your heating, plumbing, and/or air conditioning company. Just like neighbors, it’s good to know the people you do business with. It is essential to have a company that you can trust to do the job right. It certainly can’t hurt to hire a family owned company that has been around for years. And, if you can find a single company that specializes in plumbing, air conditioning and heating repair in Austin, Tx., so that only one phone call is needed for almost any of your household repairs, that’s even better yet!


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