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Expressing Love For Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

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Every year we express our love for our significant other and leave our pets at home while we have a fantastic time out. But will anyone ever love us as much as our faithful friends? Maybe it’s time to treat your four-legged friend to a Valentine’s Day to remember. Here are some suggestions to show your appreciation this February 14th.

Take Them On A Date Day

Why don’t you treat your furry friends to a treat day and spend time with them doing their favourite pet activities? Take them on a long hike, for a tour of their favourite beach for a little paddle in the sea. Buy them a new toy, or a new treat, something to show them how special they are. Then spend time showing them. It’s not every day our cuddly companion gets to spend all day with their favourite people.

Take A Photo Shoot

Why not commemorate your extra special Valentine’s day by taking a photoshoot with your pet? If you’re feeling generous you can even invite your partner (or kids) and take a family photoshoot. Go the extra mile with a priceless professional photoshoot to really treasure the memory. Apart from the inevitable pet-selfie, how many photos do you really have with your pet in them?

Dinner Date For Two

Much like your traditional Valentine’s Day, why not spend a night in with your pet and a fun meal for two? You can eat your favourite things in the comfort of your own home, and then have a movie night in under the comfort of a blanket, without even leaving the house. Why not buy or make your pet a care-box of biscuits to enjoy while you eat? You can indulge without having anyone to judge you – you know full well that your pet will be doing exactly the same.

Arrange A Doggy Playdate

Why not arrange a doggy play-date with all your friend’s favourite four-legged pals? Bring their human counterparts and arrange a pooch picnic with dog-friendly snacks. Try bringing some of their favourite pet food UK flavours, and maybe some snacks for the human contingent. You can upgrade the picnic to a dog-friendly day of hiking, dog training or just a regular run at the park. If you have a cat, why not take them along to a pet cafe instead?

Take Them On Holiday

There are hundreds of pet-friendly holiday homes to visit, from self-sufficient camping sites to caravan parks and even specialised pet hotels. Why not take your furry friend away with you for a few days and give them the luxury treatment. Some locations are as animal-mad as you, so you might find you can enjoy a range of activities and even sit down to dinner with your pet.

Your pet will be happier, and even healthier if you take the time to get out and have fun with them. It doesn’t have to just be Valentine’s day – why not take one day a month when we shower them with as much love as they give us on a daily basis.

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