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Christmas Bedroom Décor Ideas To Add That Festive Sparkle

The most wonderful time of year is here! It’s time to celebrate the Christmas cheer. With Christmas around the corner, you must have surely started adding Christmas decorations to your home decor. From decked-out Christmas trees and wreaths, mistletoes to sweet treats and the birth of baby Jesus, it truly is a splendid sight.

But while you are busy decorating your living room, you are forgetting to add the festive joy to another quintessential place in your household. Confused? We are talking about your bedrooms! Adding the joy of Christmas decorations to your bedroom design will uplift the holiday cheer and get you in the merry mood. We bring to you a list of seven ways you can make your bedrooms more jolly.

Drape your headboard

Headboards are the most dominant feature of your bedroom design. Adding Christmas decorations to your headboard will get you right into the holiday cheer! If you have a metal headboard, you can hang ornaments or wrap tinsel around the rails. If you have a wooden or an upholstered headboard, you can add some festive lettering or tinsel across the headboard.

Candles galore!

Nothing screams festivities more than candles. Candles are the best addition to brighten up your room! You can choose Christmas scented candles and get yourself in the holiday spirit. If you don’t want to light candles in your room, you can choose flickering LED candles that work like magic. Adding small pieces like these across your room can beautify your home decor. 

Fairy light wonderland

If the look of candles isn’t your cup of egg-nog, we have something for you as well. Fairy lights add life and spark to any home decor. You can hang fairy lights on your headboard, your dressing table, or even across your mirror. The dull glow from the fairy lights and your cup of hot chocolate will surely make this Christmas merry.

Festive bedding

There isn’t a better time than Christmas to bring out your festive bedding. Swap your plain regular sheets for colourful and Christmas themed sheets. You can choose from classic Christmas colours like red, green, white or go for colours like pink, gold, silver or burgundy. It all depends on what colour you are feeling. You can also spruce up the bedroom design by adding festive cushions and a colourful quilt and throw.

Hang a stocking

Hanging stockings on your cupboard, above your bed or under the dressing table, will ensure Santa’s arrival. Stockings are also a great minimalistic way to add the Christmas cheer to your bedroom. You can fill the stockings up with gifts and stocking stuffers on Christmas eve. 

Amp up your shelves

You can add a few Christmas ornaments or trinkets to your bedroom shelves. This will help tie the entire bedroom decor together and add another element of Christmas cheer to your bedroom design!

Mini Christmas tree

If nothing else can make you feel the Christmas cheer, a mini Christmas tree in your bedroom definitely will. Spice up the tree with ornaments and tinsel to complete your bedroom decor!

Whether you like to go all out or keep it low-key, this guide will help you add the spirit of Christmas into your bedrooms. Christmas is all about spending quality time with your loved ones. So this Christmas, make sure to infuse the festivities into your bedroom decor as well!

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.