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Benefits Of Platform Lifts

Previously, having a lift in a residential property was often seen as a luxury and was rare. However, with Singapore’s ageing population, many families are installing wheelchair accessible lifts in their homes such as enclosed platform lifts.

Different families have different reasons to why they have chose to install a platform lift in their home. Undoubtedly, there are many benefits to installing a wheelchair accessible lift.

Greater Mobility

For homes with more than one storey, there will inevitably be stairs to access the upper levels of the home. If you or someone who stays in your home requires a wheelchair, moving around the home can prove to be challenging, let alone getting to higher levels of the home without assistance from someone.

Besides having difficulty moving around because of needing a wheelchair, some of us might also have difficulty going up and down stairs due to leg problems. This is especially so for elderly people with worn out joints and people who have suffered leg injuries.

Platform lifts in homes help these people who have difficulty getting around the home without assistance, gain independence to move around in their own home. They have more freedom to live more independently. Family members can also rest assure that their family members can get to upper floors safely and independently.

Occupies Minimal Space

When considering whether to install a wheelchair lift, many are often concerned about the amount of space that it will occupy in the home. However, wheelchair lifts do not take up as much space as you think it does. Wheelchair lifts can be installed in a corner or on your staircase. Based on the design and layout of your home, it can be installed to fit your home best.

Compared to ramps which take up quite a bit of space, wheelchair lifts take up less space and is safe to be operated by the user, autonomously.

Simple To Install

Wheelchair lifts can be installed quickly and effortlessly by professionals.

Cost Efficient

In the long run, installing a wheelchair lift is more affordable compared to converting your entire home into a wheelchair accessible home with ramps. The latter would involve major large scale and costly renovations that would also occupy a lot of living space.

Avoid Unnecessary Moving

Instead of having to go through the headache of moving out of your existing home to a more wheelchair accessible or mobility friendly home, an enclosed platform lift can solve your problems.

Many people are likely to be reluctant to shift as they have been staying in that location for awhile, are passing the house down to their children or need the big house to accommodate a large family. As such, a wheelchair accessible lift is a viable way to solve your problems, and facilitate mobility.

Evidently, there are many benefits to installing a platform lift. Give yourself or your family member greater autonomy and freedom in mobility with wheelchair lifts. 


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