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Avail the best AC installation and maintenance services

If you want to install an air conditioner in your home then there are varieties of options available having different features or if you are already using an air conditioner and want to replace it or want to maintain it then you can choose Aircon services in Singapore as they are skilled and professional and give the best service. They also help you to decide and choose the right option.

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If you want to replace your ac, there are many options like: 

  1. Central air conditioning system: It includes a coil system inside and a compressor component outside. It distributes the air all over the room with the help of ductwork so there should be an existing ductwork in your home.
  2. Ductless split system: It also has a mini outdoor compression unit and an indoor coil. There are air-handlers mounted on the walls of the interior unit that directly distribute the cool air. Indoor and outdoor unit are connected by electrical lines and refrigerant present inside the conduit. In order to ensure smooth functioning of the unit, you need to clean the air filters at regular time intervals. This ensures clean and cool air. 
  3. Heat pumps: It follows the principle of heat transfer and is an eco-friendly method to keep your home cool. In winter it carries heat from the air to keep your home warm and in summer it remove the warmth from your home to keep it cool. Different types of heat models are available which you can choose according to the climate like water sources and air source heat pumps, geothermal system. Geothermal system is used when the underground temperature is more constant as compared to air.

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Based on your requirements, you can get any unit installed but make sure to get it serviced before using it so as to avoid any issue in between summers which can be a great trouble.

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