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Are modular kitchens worth the hype? Find here!

Contemporary homeowners are keen on trying new interior themes and décor ideas, and at the same time, they have an eye for detail and don’t want to compromise on function. The kitchen, which is easily among the most used and functional parts of any house, needs more attention for obvious reasons. If you have been trying to find ways to upgrade your kitchen, going modular might be a great idea. A modular kitchen is constructed in units, or modules, which are then installed as required. All aspects of modular kitchens can be customized as required, and experts agree that this could be the best way to make the most of available space, considering that homes are getting smaller by the day.

Should you consider a modular kitchen? In this post, we are decoding some of the key aspects, so that you can take a call.

Uncovering the advantages

If you are a fan of well-organized and neat spaces, a modular kitchen might be a great investment. As we mentioned earlier, modular kitchens don’t have to be a certain type – You can have a say in every aspect. Most companies that specialize in design and installation will be more than happy to offer an estimate for free, and in case you have specific design goals, they can address those too. There are two ways of going ahead with a modular kitchen – You can either customize what you need, or you can select one of the ready themes. Space management and space utilization gets easier for sure, and nothing has to be in sight. A modular kitchen keeps your space organized, functional, besides adding a lot of aesthetic value.

Not to forget, since each of the components are designed individually and installed, repairs or replacing one of the elements doesn’t have to be an expensive affair either. You have practically endless themes, textures, finishes and designs to choose from, so your kitchen will be all about style and function.

On the flip side

Some experts believe that repairing modular kitchens may not be very cheap, especially with customized designs, for which finishes and textures could be very specific. The cost of design and installation can shoot up in no time, which must be considered, and maintenance is essential. Also, modular kitchens do need replacement in some point, at least after 15 years, but this aspect largely depends on the quality of products and materials being used. Many installation and design services do offer a guarantee on their modular kitchens.


Yes, modular kitchens are worth the hype, but ensure that you select a reliable company for the project. This of this one of the key investments for your home, so spending a tad more is not a bad idea.

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.