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Advantages of floor heating

In areas with cold climate, people install heaters in houses in order to have a convenient temperature in their rooms. In places like Toronto where the temperature can go below 0 degree Celsius, it is a necessity. Currently, there are 2 major options in household heating i.e.

  • Conventional room heaters
  • Floor heating

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How do they work?

Floor heating basically radiates heat from floor to the roof which provides pleasant temperature around the house. The idea behindthis setup is that, heating coils or water heated coiling is installed under the floor of your house and the heat radiates through everything it touches which is basically everything in your house. Think of this system as sun, as soon as you step out in a sunny day you will start to feel the warmth even if the temperature is same as in your house.


  • Energy efficient-as compared to conventional heaters, floor heating uses a lot less electricity. With ever growing cost of electricity and power crisis being eminent, people should opt for it to save quite a lot of money on electricity bills and maintenance.
  • Occupies lesser space- conventional heaters are big in size and aren’t a very pleasant site. As they occupy a lot of space people have troubles shifting the whole setup and even setting it up at proper place. But floor heaters are always hidden in plain sight as they are setup under the floor. This setup offers you more space for room decorations.
  • Improves air quality- floor heaters provide continuous air flow which enables the supply for clean and fresh air in your house unlike conventional heaters which trap air in the room that can cause stale air to circulate around the house.
  • Low maintenance cost- there are very rare chances of breakdown or maintenance in these systems which motivate users to go for it as this is considered as a one-time investment for lifetime comfort.
  • Improved household hygiene- if you use conventional heaters than you might know that the area under the floor becomes damp and acts as breeding ground for bugs and insects which leads to unhygienic conditions, but in floorheating the system is installed under the floor hence, the conditions aren’t optimal for insects to breed due to dry and hot conditions under the floor making your house a lot more hygienic than before.
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