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4 Ways Renting a Mobile Home Can Spice Up Your Life

Likely the single most expensive purchase anyone will make in their life is for either a home or an apartment. Unless you’re a millionaire, chances are you’ll need to take out a mortgage to buy the property.

This usually means paying back a loan for decades and having the stress of coming up with those EMIs every single month so you don’t renege on your loan agreement. That can be a lot of financial stress that ultimately infiltrates every facet of your life.

When you’re constantly under money stress, it’s almost impossible to truly relax and just enjoy yourself. Life is about living, not just paying off debt.

That’s where downsizing and renting a mobile home in a park can really alleviate all that money stress, allowing you to emerge from under a mountain of debt and start truly living again.

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Let’s now look at 4 ways renting a mobile home can really spice up your life.

#1 – You’ll Have More Disposable Income

More money equates to more freedom and more options.

When you sell up your current home, pay off that debt and rent in a mobile home park, you’ll find you have a lot more spare cash to actually get out there and do the things you really enjoy doing. Your utility bills will be a lot lower as well.

Just imagine finally being able to go out every Friday night and dine at your favorite restaurant, or being able to take a yearly vacation, possibly even an overseas adventure.

Buy that big screen smart TV or upgrade to a newer car. Put more money into the college fund for your kids’ education and take them to their favorite theme park.

While life isn’t all about making and having money, you can’t do much without it, so the more money you can put back in your pocket, the happier life is going to be.

#2 – More Time Freedom To Enjoy Life

Why will you have more time on your hands?

Well, when you have a smaller home to look after, getting those chores done is a lot faster than cleaning and maintaining a large house.

Also, inside a mobile home park, the management takes care of all the park maintenance, leaving you free to go off and do the things you love to do, which also includes taking advantage of the park’s amenities.

When people really think about what the word “freedom” means, they will usually come up with the answer of having both more time and more money.

With both time and money already ticked off this list, it’s clear that mobile home park living leads to more lifestyle freedom.

#3 – Renting Also Gives You More Freedom

When you’re renting and not committed to paying off a home loan, packing up and moving is so much easier and far more viable.

When your lease is up in your current mobile home park, if you have the desire to relocate elsewhere in the country, all you need to do is pack, tie up loose ends where you are and move to your new destination.

If you owned your property, you would first have to put it on the market and wait for a buyer, as well as hoping you can sell for the right price. Only once the deal is done can you launch your plans to relocate.

Moving when you’re only renting is so much easier, and faster.

#4 – Mobile Home Parks Have Amenities

You’ll often find there is a community swimming pool to enjoy, possibly a playground for the kids, barbecue facilities, there could be a games room with billiards and arcade games, maybe even a small community hall for resident meetings and so on.

Some mobile home parks can be a bit like living in a tourist resort, where every day feels like a holiday.

The best part is, you don’t even have to maintain these amenities. Park management takes care of that, leaving you free to simply enjoy them.

Renting in a mobile home park certainly has its perks and definitely worth looking into.

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