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What You actually need for the Long Distance Moving

That’s it, the decision is made: you are moving. To avoid risking a kidney turn or damaging your precious goods during handling, you have decided to go through a professional movers company. But now, in front of the multitude of moving companies present on the internet, in the directory of your city of origin or arrival, you do not know which to choose, on what criteria to base you. So here are some tips for finding the right mover.

Which professional: mover or transporter?

First of all, it is important to validate that you are looking for a mover and not a simple carrier for example. Go for the long distance movers austin tx there.

There are a few simple questions to ask yourself: do you have heavy, bulky, difficult to move furniture? Or on the contrary do you have a majority of furniture in kit form, easily removable by you? Maybe you only have boxes to move?

These parameters will allow you to assess the need for a moving company or simply a carrier. It is advisable to choose a carrier in the following cases:

  • When you move furniture in kit form, easily transportable or new still packaged
  • When your furniture does not require special protection
  • When you only transport boxes

When you have a very small amount of furniture to move

If this is not the case, or if you have particularly heavy type of furniture (over 100 kg) such as a Norman cabinet, an American refrigerator or a piano, prefer professional movers.

Establish your budget

Planning your budget will allow you to make an initial selection among moving budget the movers, namely national companies or rather local craftsmen. National companies generally offer higher prices because of their branding, but local companies are nonetheless qualitative. The budget will also decide on the type of formulas, as well as on the organization of the move. The price is calculated according to several parameters:

  • The quantity of objects to be transported (generally, the larger the accommodation, the greater the volume of furniture).

The presence or absence of a heavy object

  • The ease of access to your accommodation on departure and arrival (number of floors, presence of elevator, practicality of stairs, use of a freight elevator, etc.)

The distance between the place of departure and arrival

The period chosen: the prices are higher during the summer period from June to September and on Saturdays. If under study, your budget does not allow you to finance a classic move with professionals, more accessible alternatives are available to you:

Organized moving: if you are moving over a long distance (more than 300 km), this service allows the company to take charge of your move on the outward journey and another on the return, or vice versa. The transport costs are thus shared between the two moves.

Group moving: if you have a small volume to transport (less than 25m²) it is possible to share the moving truck with other small volume removals, in order to optimize the trip. Transportation costs will also be shared.

Moving assistance: some companies also offer to provide you with 1 or 2 professional movers for a few hours to help you with the handling with or without the rental of a truck.


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