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Topic: Simple Steps to Renovating your Bathroom

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Once in a while, we think of renovating our homes and putting things into different perspectives. At times, all we do is change the design and forget about the bathroom. The bathroom is the most important space in your home, and it can be challenging to do a renovation. More stressful it is when t is your first time.

To perform your bathroom makeover, there are certain things to put into consideration. We at Bathroom refurbishment Dundee believe everyone deserves to know how to complete a bathroom makeover successfully. Let’s look at 5 simple processes to follow without further ado if you want to have a successful bathroom renovation.


Any successful project requires adequate planning. Your bathroom renovation requires a well-thought plan before you begin. Before you think about the different designs you want to buy, you need to determine how you want your bathroom.

Do you want it to be a regular bathroom? Will it require multiple sinks? Is there adequate space to accommodate a bathtub? Or will you put the bathtub to the shower? What is your budget? Are you ready to break the bank for your bathroom?

These are a few questions you need to provide concrete answers to before going to the next phase. Once you figured out the answer, everything becomes easy because you know what you can or cannot do within your bathroom. With a good set plan, your renovation can come out successfully. If you don’t know what to plan about, bathroom refurbishment Dundee can create a good working plan for your bathroom.


The design phase is where the fun begins. Here is where you put all your ideas and latest trends to work. We understand at Bathroom refurbishment Dundee that, at times, you might get blacked out brainstorming new ideas. Well, you can start by looking through websites and magazines to get some inspiration.

Once you get that inspiration, you can start your shopping. Here, your budget becomes very important because you will spend according to the plan you created.

Plumbing, storage, and lightening

Inevitably, when performing a renovation, you need plumbing services to replace any broken pipes. At times, you might want to install a new pipe or washtub. Whatever the case might be, you need to waterproof the area. Furthermore, storage space in a bathroom is handy. If you have issues with space, you can resolve this during the planning phase.

Finally, you should pay attention to the lighting of your bathroom. Interestingly, you need something strong and light, especially when you are doing your makeup or shaving. Nevertheless, if you can’t get your head around what renovation to do, bathroom refurbishment Dundee can make the process seamless for you. Give us a call today.

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