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Steam cleaning as the best carpet cleaning method

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The technique of carpet cleaning through steam is one of the revolutionary techniques in vogue in our century. If its operating principle is to turn hot-heated water into a gas, some people are still wondering why they should use this method. Are you one of those people? This article is written for you in this case. Through the efficiency of its operation and its advantages, we explain why steam cleaning. It is also important to mention here that the use of the professional services happens to be the best here.

Steam clean

Operation of a steam cleaner:

It is actually a household appliance equipped with a boiler that you must fill with water. Once switched on, the water is heated to a minimum temperature of 100 ° C and thereby changes from the liquid state to a gaseous state. The water vapor released by the device allows thanks to its high temperature to thoroughly clean your carpets; to degrease the floors or walls and has the advantage of cleaning inaccessible places easily as the joints for example. It is therefore much more effective than traditional cleaning methods that are slow and require a lot of energy. So let’s talk about the benefits of this home appliance jewel. 

Advantages of steam cleaning:

Aside from quickly and effectively removing stubborn stains, this is a cleaning method that deodorizes the cleaned surface. The heat released is responsible for removing germs and moisture facilitates deep cleaning. In addition, it is an ecological and economical process that respects environmental standards. The cleaning mode allows you to clean complex, congested or difficult to access surfaces such as cars for example. Steam is also very effective on fat, mold, chewing gum, etc. It virtually eliminates the use of chemicals. So, the real question is: why not steam clean?

Popular in professional circles, steam cleaning is becoming more and more emulated by individuals. But what does it consist of? It is made using best appliances, specially designed for this purpose, which uses the power of water heated to high temperature (up to 100deg), without adding detergent. The water then passes to the gaseous state and the water vapor thus released allows then to wash, to degrease, and to sanitize.

The Company cleans

Natural water-generated steam has a strong cleansing and sanitizing power. Numerous laboratory tests have shown that steam cleaning removes the toughest stains (such as grease stains, which are dissolved in seconds). In addition, appliances designed for this type of cleaning are equipped with cleverly designed accessories (flexible sleeves, extension tubes, and squeegee) to go hunting dirt in every nook and cranny, even the least accessible.

And deep cleanses

Steam cleaning also helps to get rid of up to 99.99% of common household bacteria that invade the hard surfaces of our homes. It also removes mold, fungi, mites and animal hair from all washable surfaces. A blessing for allergy sufferers! Steam acts on stubborn, greasy stains in just a few seconds and, most of the time, without having to scrub.

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