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DIY Concrete Driveway Installation Steps to Do Before Contacting Geelong Concreting Experts

The great thing about working with concrete installations is that you get an opportunity to be a part of a 2000-year old tradition. The Romans were the first to introduce concrete in architecture, and since then, the material has been a constant in all types of constructions. Be it paving your driveway or building a concrete wall – homeowners constantly have to hire concreting experts. However, you should never be over-dependent on these professionals. Here are some DIY steps that every homeowner can take before their concreting expert visits.

Know Your Property 

Top companies such as Geelong concreting offer comprehensive installation/construction packages. Their clients don’t’ have to do anything throughout the procedure. However, property owners should at least know details such as which vegetation patches will be kept, which structures need to be removed, etc. Other information, such as soil quality, is also important. If your property has improper soil quality, your concrete construction is bound to be unsustainable. Learn about these details before contacting concreting experts. Also, keep a count of all the underground utilities present in your property. These utilities may hamper your new construction plans. So, share all of this information with your concreting experts. The more you know your property, the better are your chances of installing a long-lasting concrete structure.


Concrete installations typically last for more than thirty years. So, cooperation is a vital ingredient you need to add in your interactions with the concreting experts if you want the installation/construction to last for a long time. Discuss drainage issues, cost of concrete, what reinforcement supplies they’re offering, etc. Be very clear on the budget and the details of the concrete laying process. Inform these workers if there are any permit requirements. Before they start their work, clear the driveway. Remove all vegetation and topsoil. If possible, witness the construction/installation process.

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