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6 Tree Removal Mistakes You Should Avoid

Cutting down a tree is not your DIY stuff. Many consider this task simple and try to do it by themselves. But you should consider the hazards it can cause to you and to your property. Also, if you’re thinking of saving up some extra bucks by doing it on your own, you might be wrong.

Here are a few common mistakes most of us make while cutting down a tree. 

1. Selecting The Wrong Season

When you’re not an expert in tree cutting services, you don’t know the right time to cut down a tree. And this way, sometimes you end up cutting the buds, eventually resulting in some disease or death of the tree. 

Therefore, you should have this basic knowledge about when to cut down a tree. The best time for pruning or cutting a tree is in early spring or in fall. Also, be careful to not cut the collar of the tree. 

2. Not Maintaining The Tools

If you’re willing to work on your garden, then you must maintain all the tools regularly. But, mostly, we do not pay much attention to this fact. One only dust-off the tools when they’re needed. And this is where you go wrong, especially in the case of a chainsaw. 

The cutting tools require regular maintenance. And as you’re not a professional arborist, you don’t know how to do it. This explains why you need to hire professionals for your tree-cutting services. 

3. Assuming Yourself As A Professional

Practical situations have practical issues. And you cannot just learn about tree cutting by reading a blog or watching a tutorial. Your situation and location are different. And if you’re wondering that you’ll learn by practice, what practice?  By letting a huge tree fall over you, once or twice? It is not cake baking or card making. 

4. Cutting Down A Rotten Tree

When cutting a healthy tree is a monotonous task, how can you cut down a rotten tree? 

A diseased or rotten tree is highly at risk of falling off before you know. Or otherwise, it can collapse while you’re trying to remove it. And the worse is when it falls over you. 

Therefore, a rotten tree is unpredictable and hazardous for your safety, so it would be better if you hire a professional to get rid of it. 

5. Leaving The Stump

If you succeed in removing a tree safely, then the other mistake you make is leaving the stump unattended for long. And when you do this, you’re actually welcoming insects and termites in your garden, that’ll not only eat up the stump but are hazardous for the other trees also. 

And in the worst situations, these insects and termites attack can further enter your house looking for more wood. A nightmare, right? If it’s a hard task, you can hire stump removal Olathe services.

6. Not Being Ready For the Accident

The worst thing you do is not wearing your safety equipment while pruning or cutting a tree. The primary safety tools are: 

  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Hard Hat

And you must wear them for your safety before cutting a tree.

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.