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Why buy Berber rugs from harfi?

Including a rug in your room is the minimalistic thing you can do to enhance the overall look of it. There is variety of rugs available in the market which you can go for according to the theme of your room. For your luxury rooms, the best option that you can go for is the Berber rugs. They are of high quality and their loops are weaved very tightly to give you the best. You can get yourself the best Berber rugs from https://harfi.co.uk/collections/moroccanrugs.   

Benefits of going for handmade rugs

  • Life span – hand made rugs are made with wool or silk and these raw materials last long as compared to the machine made rugs which are generally made from the synthetic materials. These rugs are hand woven which takes months or years to complete them. Therefore, there is no compromise done in making these rugs with all the raw materials. They last for generations and their value keeps on increasing. If you want to include these rugs in your home then you can go for Harfi as Harfi ethically sources all the rugs and every rug is authentic and handmade. 


  • Quality – all the handmade rugs are hand woven and maker uses all the top quality materials to make these rugs. It is woven in such a way that its volume and deepness is more than machine made rugs. The loops are very tightly woven providing it the strength to last for years. If your area is very busy and involves rush, they are the best for high foot traffic. 

  • Textures – these handmade rugs come in a variety of textures and colors. You can go for it as per your choice. You can look for the best variety of rugs from https://harfi.co.uk/collections/moroccanrugs. There are a lot of different patterns and styles available according to your room. 


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