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We Provide a Helpful Homicide Cleanup Service

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A homicide is one of the most tragic ways to lose a loved one, and those most closely impacted by the event should not be the ones who have to clean the scene of the passing. They are dealing with some very raw emotions, so we provide a practical service to help them on their path to healing. We offer the best homicide cleanup service in the region.

Homicides often involve blood spills, and this causes a crime scene to turn into a biologically hazardous situation. Professionals should be the only ones who clean up this type of death, and we are confident in our ability to clean any homicide that occurs. All of our technicians are certified in handling, removing, discarding, and transporting biologically hazardous materials, and they carefully follow government regulations for cleaning biologically hazardous scenes. You can count on them to disinfect the area of the passing completely.

Where blood is spilled, the situation becomes biohazardous because there is always a risk that blood contains pathogens that can be harmful to anyone who comes into contact with it. We work to minimize that risk of infection as much as possible. Using the latest in equipment and industry best practices, we help make sure that the work we complete is of the highest quality. We don’t take the charge of keeping our employees, clients, and the general public safe very lightly.

While we always try to return a scene to its original condition, we can’t always do so completely. Sometimes, we can’t save items that have been too contaminated. We do, however, try to save items that are of sentimental value to our clients. When we discard items, such as flooring, drywall, or carpeting, it is because they cannot be decontaminated. They have to be removed so that no one who enters the area of the homicide is hurt when we leave.

We often respond to our clients’ calls within an hour, and we are usually done with the cleaning in a few hours. This does not mean that we hurry to get the job done or that our work quality is lacking. We disinfect very thoroughly, and we are efficient so that we are respectful of the working and living spaces of our clients.

When you want the best homicide cleanup service available in the area, contact us. We will be happy to serve however we can. We maintain our clients’ confidentiality and privacy. We work discreetly, and we have a strong sense of the gravity of our clients’ situations.  

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