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Tips to protect your roof from storm damage

Roof Storm Damage | Ridgeline Construction Roofing & Exteriors

Storms are common in Texas and in the absence of proper precautions people are likely to suffer from huge damages. The most common part of the property that is affected by the storm is the siding and the wind. If roofs are not protected, they will suffer huge damages. So, it is better to hire Lone Star Roofing in Houston Texasand get the roof inspected for damages and get them repaired.

The following tips will help you in the process.

Change damaged or missing shingles

Damaged shingles can easily be removed by storm. Wind can easily pass through gaps in the missing shingles and do more damage. While replacing or installing shingles ensure that they are nailed properly.

Check the siding

Siding in the roof provides protection to your home from bad weather like snow, wind, and rain. It also helps to properly insulate your home. So, before the storm comes, make sure to repair or replace the siding.

Clean the gutters

Rainwater gets off through the gutters. The water will not pass, if the gutters are blocked, which can lead to leakage issues or other disasters. When constructing the gutters ensure that they are not too heavy as there is a risk of falling or breaking.

Remove all things that can fly around

People keep items like children’s toys, yard equipment, and furniture on their patio. They are great for home decoration, but they can become hazardous during a storm. These things can fly and increase the risk of window breakage. So, storm will enter your home and push the roof upwards forcefully resulting in roof damage.

Close all windows and doors tightly

Powerful wind can easily enter your home through windows and doors and affect the roof’s strength. So, pack your home completely so that the wind can’t easily enter your home.

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