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The Best Worktops and Benchtops You Can Go for

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Choosing the kitchen worktop is perhaps one of the most important and difficult choices you have to make when purchasing your new kitchen. And the reasons for this are countless: The worktop has a major influence on the design and appearance of the kitchen as well as on the total budget. In addition, the kitchen worktop is the part of your new kitchen that must withstand the best wear and tear and everyday use for a variety of purposes.

Not sure which work surface is suitable for your needs and kitchen? Then read this manual with information about what to think about before making your choice. You can go for the best Who makes the best planer now.

Important Considerations

For a kitchen worktop that meets your needs and the way you use the worktop, it is first of all important to think about the expectations that you have for the new worktop. Think carefully about this important question, since it is important for both the choice of materials and the design:

  • Don’t you mind cleaning and maintaining the blade regularly or should the blade be virtually maintenance-free?
  • Should the worktop be extra resistant to greasy fingers and scratches or high temperatures?
  • Do you bake often or do you work with products that release a lot of juice or color?

Choice Of The Kitchen Worktop: Design Versus Function?

Design is often paramount when choosing a work surface and daily use and functionality are a little lower. The design of the worktop is of great importance for the overall impression of the kitchen and it is easier to imagine what the worktop looks like now than after 5-10 years of intensive use. Fortunately, there are plenty of countertops that not only look great, but are also durable and meet all kitchen needs. Sometimes you can’t avoid compromising if the design, functionality and price expectations have to go together in a higher unit.

How Do You Use Your Kitchen?

The choice of work surface influences your family’s everyday life in the kitchen; every time it is cooked or washed. That is why it is important to think carefully about what expectations are placed on the work surface and you should also think about who uses the kitchen and how.

If you have children, it is still quite a job to have them take the worktop into account when they help with the cooking or washing up. This applies to both large and small! In that case, choose a work surface that is resistant to greasy fingers, is easy to clean and requires a minimum of maintenance. Consider, for example, a laminate or composite work surface. It is also a good idea to choose a work surface with a structure in the surface, as fingerprints and any scratches are less visible on it.

Laminate rarely disappoints. It is an excellent product that is often indistinguishable from wood, stone or concrete. With modern laminate you also get a cheap work surface that is very durable and easy to keep clean and that will also last for years. 


The worktop can determine the overall appearance of your kitchen and you have several options for creating the desired style. The material and surface structure, for example, can play a major role. Just like the color that naturally determines the design in the interaction with the shape and color of the kitchen elements.


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