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Perfect Addressing of the Coffee Makers Now

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A coffee maker can be a great solution for your trade! Do you know why? Because investing in coffee is on the rise. The food and beverage business was one of the most promising activities of 2017. This involves the food and beverage trade, business representation, food preparation, prepared food, popular restaurants, snack bars, bakery products branches, dairy, sweets and meals.

Whether in the restaurant after lunch or in the bakery at breakfast time, coffee is always a good choice. It is also very lucrative for traders. According to data from the International Coffee Organization (ICO), Brazil is the second largest consumer of the beverage in the world. When it comes to the Best 5 cup coffee maker this is important now.

According to the Coffee Industry Association, Brazilian coffee consumption per capita is 81 liters of coffee per year. The Association also predicts that the capsule market triples in value by 2019, reaching $ 3.0 billion.

Why invest in coffee in your business?

As seen above, coffee is rooted in Brazilian taste. In addition to making one feel more alert and energetic, science has found many health benefits that drink has, such as memory benefits, decreased risk of suicide, and even helps prevent female depression.

In addition to the health benefits, coffee can also have many benefits for your company’s internal economy. And research shows this: A cup of coffee is always welcome. And, for those who want to undertake in the food business or innovate to remain competitive in the market, investing in coffee, such a basic drink for the Brazilian, is of utmost importance.

Why invest in a coffee machine?

Convenience: Coffee machines, which offer espresso capsules, are a great option. In addition to saving time, they are capable of producing a very large amount of cups of coffee in a short period.

Cost-effective: When buying capsules in large quantities, the price of coffee is reduced for the merchant, which is always a great advantage.

Satisfied consumer: With a coffee machine, it is not necessary to store large quantities of the drink for a long time. Coffee is made on time, which will surely guarantee the satisfaction of your customer.

Multifunctional: The espresso machines, besides producing the espresso, also make delicious teas. 

Which coffee machine to buy?

True coffee lovers know that the preparation of the product must be special. So when choosing a coffee machine it is very important to stick to tradition. Lamaze, the Italian brand that emerged in the city of Torino in 1895, takes coffee seriously.

It selects the best beans from around the world to create unmistakable blends of unrivaled quality. There is a great care that the brand takes to ensure that consumers will experience the most traditional drink. This is the good Italian espresso. Lavazza’s espresso machines still feature sleek, smooth lines with a refined and unique design. 


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