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Moving Tips for a Headache-Free Move

Moving to a new home can be extremely stressful, especially if you do not have a plan. The good news is that the seamlessness of the move will directly depend on the amount of preparation

Here are some tips on how to move into your new home without the stress:

Things to Do Before the Move

The first aspect to arrange before moving is choosing your new home. As you look for a living space, consider non-negotiables, such as:

  • square footage
  • the surrounding neighborhood
  • security
  • public transportation access
  • proximity to everyday essentials, like your office or schools

You should also be sure that your new home is in decent condition and worth the rent before you sign an agreement. You are hauling your entire life from one location to another—it is best to be sure of the details so that you won’t regret your decision later.

Another thing to consider before finalizing the move is your monthly budget. You may want to create a breakdown of the mortgage plus projected expenses on utilities around the area.

Your cost of living can differ widely, depending on your neighborhood. Knowledge of the area will help you create a budget or repayment plan and allow you to search for the best rates among potential suppliers. Living in an upmarket part of town may mean higher utility bills, so it is prudent to consult service providers beforehand. 

Gas and electricity are essential to every home, and choosing the right Baltimore Gas and electric providers will save you from financial troubles down the road. You can easily research online or ask around your neighborhood for the best utility providers in your area. Consider which company provides the best value for money, and read reviews to gauge the quality of the customer service.

One last piece of advice is to segregate all your possessions into useful items and those which serve no purpose. Sell unwanted items to gain extra cash before the move—it will mean more savings toward your moving budget and fewer items to transport to your new home.

Make sure to declutter because bringing your entire home contents will take up unnecessary space in your rental truck and add to transportation and packaging costs. Moving into a new home is much like starting a new life, so you are better off leaving unnecessary luggage behind.

Moving and Packing Tips

Once everything is planned, you can proceed to number and label each box, so it is easier to allocate these into the correct areas of your new home. An excellent tip is to list down the contents of each box, so you know where to find the items when you are starting to unpack. It also serves as extra assurance that you did not leave anything of value behind (or find it missing after the movers completed their contract).

How are you going to haul it? It is ideal to hire a trusted moving company to help you carry all the items to your new home. Haulers are professionals trained to handle heavy equipment, pack fragile items, and drive your things safely to your new neighborhood.

It is the most stress-free alternative—movers arrive at your doorstep on the day of your relocation and take care of loading your things onto the truck. Usually, you can convoy with the hauling truck to your new home so that you arrive at the same time and prepare to unpack.

Hiring a moving company may entail higher costs than doing it yourself, but the convenience is priceless. If you feel that it is too expensive, there are DIY options, such as renting and driving a hauling truck yourself or seeking help from friends or family to load all your possessions.

Doing it yourself is a lot more work, and packaging materials also put a slight dent in your budget. You would need to procure boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap for fragile items, plastic wraps, and labeling materials to minimize breakage risk along the way.

You can save some money by asking local establishments in your area for spare boxes, but never to skimp on an extra layer to protect your delicate (and more expensive) items from potential accidents while it is on the road.

The secret to a hassle-free move is the right guidance and plenty of duct tape. Follow the tips above to save yourself the headache of moving.

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.