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Lifestyle Choices for Going Green

After receiving a huge water bill because of a leak, you might start thinking more about your impact on the environment. What can you do to be kinder to the earth? Every person can make a little impact. Both those who celebrate Earth Day perpetually and those who feel bad after putting a plastic bottle in the trash have the ability to make changes.

I planted a tree. Now what?

If you take everyday actions with the environmental impact always in the back of your mind, maybe you feel like you’ve done everything. You haven’t. Many people choose to switch to solar power New Jersey by having panels installed. Panels can support electricity and water heating without costing an exorbitant amount. If you have already made your home environmentally-friendly, you might choose to work in the community. What are the needs in your community? Maybe the streets around a local high school could benefit from a group cleanup. Maybe you live near water and the tide brings in the garbage. Cleanup events will not only allow you to spend time with others but also help prevent animals from choking on trash. 

I know an Earth Day song. That’s about it. 

An eco-friendly mindset and a childhood tune about recycling can motivate you more than you might think. Little thoughts and choices add up. If you’re beginning to pursue an environmentally-aware lifestyle, think about your choices. Does this decision harm or hurt your environment? Depending on life circumstances, you’ll always have different decisions to make. Some common experiences like taking a shower, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, and running sprinklers all offer a choice. Will you be intentional about how much water you use for these tasks? You can reduce shower time by setting a timer. When thinking of washing machines and sprinklers, ask sellers about water usage. It might be worth investing in a sprinkler system because these can run on timers, potentially reducing your water usage. In the world of laundry, front loaders or other water-saving models can make a difference. 

Is recycling stylish?

Even if you aren’t a visual artist, you can appreciate the artwork that comes from repurposed junk. Artists have made sculptures, clothing, and furniture from recycled plastics and other materials. You might want to wear a jacket that someone once drank from, but you don’t need to stop your actions here. Garage sales and thrift stores both give you an alternative to throwing out your old belongings. You can also have fun donating old things and purchasing new ones. Rather than feed a landfill, you can nourish your sense of style. 

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