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How To Choose Paint For Your Building

The choice and application of paint for your wall is a much more complicated decision than it first appears to be. Owners need to choose from different application techniques, paint material types and colours while also strategizing for the different layers needed. As such, it can be highly confusing for non-professionals who are visiting a paint store for the first time. Depending on the experience of the sales assistant, you may or may not receive quality advice on picking the right paints and equipment to purchase. To address this issue, this article aims to give you a beginner introduction to the considerations needed when buying paint. 

For starters, both ceilings and walls need an undercoat of paint to straighten out any uneven spots while also helping the top layer of paint to stick to the surface. This undercoat can consist of either water based or oil based paint. Typically, if the wall has less dents and is fairly even, a water based coat is chosen as it is easier to work with. However, should the wall have several flaws, usually due to age, an oil based paint would provide better coverage and help the top layer stick on to the surface.

After applying the undercoat, attention now shifts to the top coat. The choices here depend largely on the surface material as well as the weather. For example, wooden door frames and window frames require an oil based paint as they absorb water based paints. Additionally, in areas with high humidity or when surfaces are exposed to strong weather conditions, oil based paint is preferred due to their durability under such conditions. However, oil based paints are known to be toxic and harmful. As such, they should be avoided when possible. 

Paints are also available either as flat or shiny. Normally, ceilings have a flat paint or matte look applied to them. This allows them to naturally blend in with the rest of your home, giving the area a more spacious feel. As for walls, most home owners prefer flat paint or semi-gloss paint while commercial buildings utilize more shiny paint. High gloss paint is very elegant, eye catching and chic, however it can be harsh to the inhabitants’ eyes and thus become tiring after a while. As such, it works best when applied to areas where users do not stay for long periods of time. 

The final consideration that needs to be given is the choice of colour. As you probably guessed, this is not an isolated decision and it must be made in conjunction with the surrounding surfaces of your home.

If your walls or ceilings are starting to show signs of wear and tear, then engage repainting services in Singapore. Excuse yourself from the hassle of researching on the different layers of paint required and get professional expertise at your disposal. You may even get an improved appearance based on their experienced recommendations.

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