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How to Add Georgian Style to Your Home

Georgian style embraces a century under the reign of three Georges and in generally divided into the Palladian, early and late Georgina periods (1714-1837). The style was somewhat a reaction to baroque which George 1 loathed, and is still popular today.

In Georgian times people were very much interested in fashion and interior, with more and more people starting to entertain their guests in their homes, and looking to ensure they were as aesthetically pleasing and welcoming as possible. The style at this time boasted harmony, symmetry, airiness, light, pale colour schemes, gorgeous woodwork and delicate furniture, setting trends that have stuck around till today, showing no signs of dying.

With the Georgian style not only holding so much history, but also looking amazing in comparison to many other past styles, it is not surprising that many people still seek this appearance in their homes today. And luckily for all, we are here to share some amazing tips to all looking to add Georgian features to their homes… Here goes…

  • Popular Georgian colours changed throughout the period, starting with burgundies, sage greens and sky blues, transitioning into light colours including light grey, dusty pink, white and stone, therefore when looking to add Georgian style, you have lots of choice. Many paint suppliers now label their paints according to period, making it easy for homeowners to choose paint.
  • When it comes to flooring to create a Georgian look one great options is to use bar floorboards and large oriental rugs. Lino can also be used to recreate patterned flooring which was around at this time.
  • Panelling that reached dado height was popular at this time and is making a comeback, with people starting to stray away from what was once popular plain, boring walls.
  • Simple wallpapers boasting repeat patterns can work well in Georgian based houses. Geometric patterns with squares and stripes, perhaps with darker shading behind are amongst the most popular.
  • Lighting is really important when creating the Georgian feel, with Georgian lighting including chandeliers made from glass and more. Lighting should be consistent throughout your home.
  • Take time to look at Georgian accessories, this will let you determine which you like the best and enable you to find items that you really want in your home. There are now many different Georgian inspired products available including but not limited to Georgian door knobs, lights, wall art and mirrors.
  • Fireplaces were important in the Georgian era – often the focal point of a room, as they are still today. Georgian inspired fireplaces, including replicas, are generally elegant with basket grates, cast iron backs and decorated fronts featuring swags, urns, and medallions, perhaps flanked with classical pillars.

These are only some of the available tips too – Anyone looking to ensure they get it right first time, are advised to do more research to avoid wasting time or money.

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