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Your land is under compromise. Your mortgage is signed, you now go to the next stage of your project, that is to say the construction of your house. The choice of a professional is essential and this must be done in the most thoughtful way possible since it is a very important investment. Here are some tips to help you. For the custom home builder new braunfels this is important now.

Promoter or builder of detached house?

On the one hand, there is the entrepreneur-developer who is a good intermediary between you and the construction company responsible for the work to be done. This professional, be it a building contractor, a developer or an architect, supervises and coordinates each stage of construction. His responsibility is engaged from the design until the delivery of the book. He is in charge of the management of the budget, the supply of materials, materials and manpower. The advantage of using an entrepreneur lies in the fact that the client is relieved of all these tedious tasks and benefits from the help, advice and support of a professional. In addition, it can call on various specialized companies for each specific task (plumbing, electrical connection, painter building, finishing work.) The disadvantage is that the contractor is paid. Cost of construction will be increased. Also pay attention to the guarantees that are less than in the case of a construction contract.

The Right Sides

On the other side, there is the individual house builder who is none other than a construction company. He is the sole interlocutor of the client. The latter will no longer need the services of a prime contractor or a contractor. The manufacturer assumes both the legal responsibility and the technical responsibility of the work. The advantages of an individual builder are many: single contact, delivery guarantee, advantageous price (absence of intermediary) and possibility of temporary exemption from property tax for two years. The main disadvantage of the manufacturer is that he takes care of everything. Thus, the customer cannot require the service of another company if he wants for example another heating specialist to take care of the installation of this technical equipment.

How to choose your builder / promoter?

Whoever is chosen for the construction of a house, always make sure before signing the know-how, reliability and solvency of this professional. Here are some criteria not to neglect.

Criteria for common choice between manufacturer and developer

Date of creation of the company: it is better to avoid the companies whose creation is recent (less than 3 years) because it can lack experience.

Financial health: to ensure the solvency of the company (especially for delivery guarantees), it is advisable to check their turnover, capital and other data using the SIREN number.

Estimate: the ideal would be to contact several companies and start by doing the various checks mentioned above. Then you have to ask for quotes from these companies and compare the offers. It is therefore appropriate to avoid too attractive quotes that can hide a scam.

Previous achievements: ask the builder or developer for the houses / apartments he has built in the past. Also asking for information from past customers is the best way to evaluate their know-how a bit more.

Quality label: The quality label or affiliation to an association is a guarantee of additional reliability for construction companies.

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