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Essential Band Saw Choices for You Now

Professional or amateur, you always need a band saw for cutting wood. It is an essential material for cutting wood. However, choosing this machine is difficult, if not impossible, without mastering its characteristics (table width, handwheels, saw blade, cutting height, tilting table, swan neck, etc.). For using a band saw you need the best options now.

Red band saw

If you plan to work regularly, you should leave as much space as possible for a fixed band saw in your workshop. You gain more time and more precision when you outline or outline large thicknesses. There are many selection criteria to consider, especially the characteristics of your fixed band saw.

First, choose a tilting table. The larger it is, the more easily you can handle pieces of wood. Then you will also need to check the engine power. It should be chosen according to your needs and the size of the saw. Obviously, the saw blade must be chosen according to the thickness of the wood to be cut. Know that a straight cut requires a wide blade and suddenly, several flounces (two or three) that can easily accommodate it without forgetting the cutting height which must be chosen according to the maximum height to be cut. This list is not exhaustive, there are still other criteria for choosing a fixed band saw (number of cutting speeds, saw structure, suction, LED) In any case, these are optional.

A Portable Band Saw To Work Outside The Workshop

The principle of a stationary band saw and a portable band saw is the same. And yet, a portable band saw is more effective in framing. Light, it allows cuts in height, oblique cuts or even fading . Easy to use, a portable band saw has one or two handles for working with others. Like the fixed band saw, you should also choose the characteristics of this tool during your purchase:

  • Motor: The power of the motor is a key element in the success of a cut. The more the battery is autonomous, the faster your cutting will be. In general, this battery is 18 V for 3 or 4 A / hour.
  • Saw blade: Unlike the blade of a stationary band saw, that of a portable band saw is limited in terms of width (6 to 15 mm).
  • Cutting height: Because it is a wood cut outside, the cutting height with a portable band saw does not exceed 310 mm. However, it allows a swivel tape to cut the wood in a great depth.
  • Speed: The advantage of a portable band saw is the cutting speed. It adapts to all supports.
  • Other options: In addition to these criteria, the cooling system, the machine guide and the other options of a portable band saw are also important.

Precision work

Whichever band saw you want to choose, its characteristics vary from one saw to another. It is therefore better to have an expert accompany you when purchasing this type of tool. On diamwood.com, you will find a wide choice of band saw for wood and its accessories.

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.