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Commercial Roofing: Common Warning Signs

Today’s roofing systems are more than just a cover for a building. They’re an integral part of the property, serving as its first line of defense from harsh weather conditions. Every day, commercial roofs are exposed to natural hazards such as rain, ice, wind, and extreme heat. This makes commercial roof maintenance paramount to building safety.

Most commercial roofing is built to last between 20 to 50 years. Unfortunately, according to research, up to 40% of commercial roofs develop a leak in their first year. This reveals the necessity of booking regular maintenance schedules with commercial roofing contractors in Salt Lake City or any other parts of Utah. Here are some signs to watch out for that may indicate that your commercial roof needs repair:

Water Leaks and Seepage into the Property

Roof leaks equate to time and costly expenses. Commercial properties have greater chances to experience leaks than residential properties because commercial spaces utilize far more water. The most common indicator that a roof needs repair is when water invades the premises, leaving telltale puddles and flooding here and there. Signs of water incursion could also be subtle as moisture stains on the walls and ceilings that look like coffee marks. Mold growth that emits crusty, moldy odors and spreads throughout the commercial structure is also a sign of critical roof membrane damage. Most leaks that start small can get worse over time. Thus, finding where the leak is originating from in the soonest time possible is crucial to avoid an immensely expensive roof replacement.

Increase in Utility Bills

Roofing does not only keep natural elements from damaging the interior of a property. It also provides a number of other critical functions. For one, roofing acts as an insulating material. Roofs prevent commercial spaces from losing their warmth during the cold winter season, keeping the interior of the building comfortable. If the building’s energy bill is noticeably rising, this can be indicative that the roof needs repair. It is good to have the roof checked to seal any gaps, tears, or holes and allow the building’s HVAC system to work more efficiently.

Sagging Areas on the Roof

A sagging roof usually indicates that something is wrong, and this should be addressed immediately. Reasons for sagging spots can include damage due to water and damage to load-bearing beams or columns. Moisture cannot only discolor the roof, but it can also damage the building’s internal wiring. The roof of a very old building could also sag due to a reduction in the framing or structural integrity of the beams or columns. Either way, if not addressed effectively, a sagging roof can mean that the building may need a full roof replacement soon.

Reroofing a commercial building is a very expensive endeavor. Ensuring that the roof gets its needed maintenance can prolong the need to tear it off and replace it with a whole new roofing system. Any damage to the roof are not usually seen on the roof itself. It can be noticed by telltale signs within the building’s structure. By paying attention to these warning signs and acting on them, you can be assured that your commercial roof will last for decades.

Meta Title: Commercial Roofing: Warning Signs You Should Not Take Lightly

Meta Description: Commercial roofs are supposed to last for 20 to 50 years. According to research, however, many roofs start to leak in their first year. What are the signs that you need to pay attention to in order to make your commercial roofs last longer?


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