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Choosing The Best Deck Material For Your Home

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Imagine hosting a dinner party for close friends on a private deck. Won’t it be wonderful? A private deck gives you the space the enjoy and relax. You can have it around your swimming pool, as an extension of your balcony, or in the middle of your garden. Depending on the space you have you should hire decking Newcastle experts to build a private deck for you. You will find various decking materials in the market. But you need to choose one according to your requirement and budget. Here are some decking options you can choose from. 

Pressure-treated wood 

It is a very popular decking option and most of the decks today are made out of this material. This wood is chemically treated and so is resistant to mold and insects. It won’t rot easily as well. It is widely available and you can get it at an affordable price. It is a bit difficult to maintain decks made of this material as they can crack over time. It should be treated with suitable chemicals regularly.

Tropical hardwood

Tropical hardwood like ipe, tigerwood, and others are widely available. If you want something luxurious then you should choose this material for your deck. They are hard and durable. Also, they don’t rot and doesn’t have any insect problem as well. This is a bit expensive than the other decking materials.


It is a modern decking material and you will find it in many houses today. It is very easy to maintain, so will remain in good condition for years. One drawback is that it can get hot in the summer. So, you won’t be able to walk barefoot on the deck. 


If you are looking for a natural material then this is a good option. It has a strong finish and is lightweight. You will love the color. You might find it difficult to obtain it as it is only available in particular regions. To maintain it in good condition you might need power washing and for this, you may have to call the decking Newcastle experts. 


This material is environment friendly as it is made of recycled plastics and wood fibers. They are not affected by insects and they won’t rot over time. If the deck gets damp then mold and mildew can grow. But with proper maintenance, you won’t have to worry about such a thing. 

You can choose from these materials to build a deck by hiring decking Newcastle experts. You can discuss with the decking Newcastle experts to know which material will be most suitable for your condition. 

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