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Call Us for Exhaust Vent Hood Cleaning

A restaurant’s kitchen can be a very dangerous place to work if there has not been a recent, thorough exhaust vent hood cleaning. You can cut down on the chance of a fire starting in your kitchen by having a certified kitchen exhaust hood cleaning done by qualified professionals. We are the best protection your kitchen has from fire and grease that builds up in your exhaust system.

Obstructions in the hoods, ducts, and exhaust fans in your commercial kitchen can start a fire. We adhere to standards from the National Fire Protection Association 96 for protection from fire in commercial kitchens. We deal with the cleaning of everything that might start a fire related to exhaust vent hoods: the vent hood itself, grease removal devices, cover cooking equipment, fans, clearance to combustibles, and fire suppression systems.

Grease accumulates over time when the hood, ducts, and motors run. This is the most typical cause of kitchen fires. It’s very preventable, and a thorough cleaning done on a regular basis can help rid your restaurant of this very real risk. If a fire happens in your kitchen, you’re going to be shut down or significantly hampered in your operations for a significant period of time. That would negatively impact business, to say the least.

You’ll get pictures of your system before and after the cleaning we do so that you can trust that we have properly cleaned the entire system. You will be able to see that all accessible areas were cleaned according to NFPA standards. We also give you a follow-up report that includes the date of service as well as what services we performed.

Additionally, you’ll receive a list of any problems with the systems and our suggestions for changes to ensure compliance with NFPA requirements. This list details the accessibility of the system for cleaning, and it is provided to help you make the system less dangerous and to better our cleanings. Finally, we’ll install a Cleaning Certificate of Performance in your kitchen with the date of the next scheduled service.

A periodic exhaust vent hood cleaning is imperative to safeguard your employees and customers. It also is critical in keeping your business running because a fire could easily start when you have a dirty exhaust hood in your kitchen. We will keep your kitchen in compliance with NFPA standards so that you can concentrate on building your business and helping it to succeed.

Oliver Beau Martinez: Oliver, a home security expert, provides recommendations on security systems, safety tips, and ways to make homes more secure.