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Benefits of Having a Detached Garage

Homeowners in the market for a new garage have a lot of decisions to make. Arguably the most important of them is whether to build an attached garage onto their homes or to choose a detached garage. This article will offer some insight into the advantages of detached garages to show why any homeowner with enough space should opt for this more-efficient option.

They’re More Affordable

Detached garages are more affordable to build than home additions. A 20×20 prefab garage will offer plenty of space for both the family’s cars, but it won’t cost a fortune. Plus, prefab detached garages also make affordable workspaces, storage spaces, and even barns.

Easier to Meet Zoning and Space Requirements

Options are limited with attached garages. Zoning laws often restrict the size of new home additions, permits to enlarge existing structures are difficult to obtain, and attached garages are only possible if the home is located far from the edges of the lot. Detached garages can be installed just about anywhere, which makes them better for long, narrow lots and areas where a giant home addition might get in the way.

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More Versatile

Prefab detached garages aren’t just good for protecting cars from the sun and rain. They can also be used as workshops, barns, or even detached living spaces. Homeowners can purchase prefab garages for affordable and easy installation and then modify them with additional features like horse stalls or barns, and as decks or patios if they want to entertain guests. These uses just wouldn’t be practical with an attached garage.

Better for the Main Home and Its Residents

There are a few drawbacks associated with attached garages, including an increased risk of break-ins, increased energy bills, and health concerns like airborne automotive chemicals. Choosing to install a detached garage eliminates all these issues. Plus, it allows anyone who wants to use their garage as a temporary or permanent workshop to use loud power tools without disrupting whatever activities are going on inside the main home.

A More Modern Look

Attached garages have become commonplace and, frankly, rather boring. Detached garages have a more modern appeal in that they don’t create an eyesore or detract a visitor’s focus from the main home. The “garage-forward” or “snout house” design trend has plagued suburban homes for too long. It’s time for homeowners to switch to a more aesthetically appealing option.

Create a Divide

Whether property owners want to use their garages to work on their cars, complete woodworking projects, or even add some extra office space, it’s important to create a space conducive to concentration and increased attention to the tasks at hand. That’s hard to do with an attached garage, since kids, pets, and anyone else in the house can burst through the door at any moment. Detached garages offer some extra solitude and peace of mind.

The popularity of detached garages is on the rise, and with good reason. They offer many benefits compared to the attached models. Plus, prefab detached garages are surprisingly affordable, which means almost any property owner can take advantage of all they have to offer.

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