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6 Ideas To Create Your Own Backyard Getaway

Building your dream home often goes along with landscaping a brand new yard. Or, maybe you have been at your residence for years and are ready to add some fresh outside elements. Either way, the possibilities are exciting! Here are six ideas to get your creativity started.

1. Enclosed Gazebo

An outdoor haven from the weather can be a charming place for your family to enjoy all year long. A small gazebo can fit a few friends for breakfast, or a larger one can allow you to host an elegant dinner party. How about trying an outdoor dance party — a lighted gazebo is a perfect place.

2. Water Feature

A small pond lined with stones can be a nice backdrop for your meditation. If you have a big property, a larger water feature with pond aerators and fountains can add a calming area and centerpiece for your landscape. Try adding some paddleboats or kayaks if you have a really big pond.

3. English Flower Garden

You may choose to dedicate a portion of your property to develop your own English flower garden. Imagine walking through towering hollyhocks, fragrant lavender, cheery primroses and stunning peonies. Select a variety of flowers that can also be cut and brought inside for colorful arrangements.

4. Private Patio

Enclose a portion of your existing patio to create a hidden getaway just outside your bedroom door. Add some comfortable outdoor seating and a small table where you can sit and read the newspaper with your morning coffee. What a great way to start the day!

5. Fireplace or Fire Pit

No reason to drive to a campground and sleep in a tent to enjoy a camping experience. Instead, build an outdoor fireplace or firepit. There is something hypnotic about staring at a glowing fire. You can circle your camp chairs and even have a sing-along. Don’t forget that cooking over a fire is so delicious. Get out your roasters to cook hot dogs, Polish sausages or the ever-popular marshmallows. Wrap corn or other vegetables and meat in foil and place them on the glowing coals. Yummy!

6. Swimming Pool

If your family enjoys the water, a backyard swimming pool will be an oasis for many years. Your pool will become a natural gathering place for friends and family. And what a handy way to get your morning exercise — by swimming laps without fighting a crowd.

The size of your property will probably allow at least one of these features. Enjoy your new backyard getaway.

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