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Why Is Kitchen Renovation So Costly?

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If you want to change one aspect of your home to increase the value of your home then it should be the kitchen. It is an important part of the home and if it’s in the best condition then people will be willing to pay more for it. However, a kitchen renovation can be costly for which many people shy away from the kitchen renovation project. If you live in Surfers Paradise then here are some reasons why kitchen renovation Surfers Paradise is so expensive. 

Finished products

Just like your kitchen, the finished products used in kitchen renovation Surfers Paradise are expensive. From bathtubs and cabinets to flooring and kitchen fixtures, everything is very expensive. So, the total cost of kitchen renovation Surfers Paradise goes up. 

Labor cost

Kitchen renovation Surfers Paradise requires intensive labor. Doing plumbing and electric works take time. So, your labor cost increases as more days of work are required. You will be shocked to know that about 60% to 70% of the total kitchen renovation Surfers Paradise cost comprises of the labor cost. 


Plumbing works increases the overall cost of kitchen renovation. If you have to relocate your toilet or bathtub, for example, you will need a lot of plumbing works. So, the cost will rise sharply.


Putting on new tiles on the floor is another expensive renovation work. You need lots of tiles and depending on the design you choose it might cross your budget. The labor cost for putting on those tiles is also high. You should have a contingency budget when it comes to flooring. The tiles might crack or break while installing, so you will need to replace them. This will incur an extra cost.


The cost of kitchen renovation varies due to the design. If you want anything luxurious in your kitchen then the cost will of renovation be high. Some designers charge higher than the others and this also leads to the increased cost of renovation.

You must have a good budget for your kitchen renovation before you start the project. You should create the budget considering all the aspects of your kitchen that needs to be fixed. There should be room for emergencies, like broken tiles. There are ways you can save money on the kitchen renovation, like choosing an economic design or sourcing products at a cheaper price. Kitchen renovation is a good investment, so you shouldn’t feel bad about spending money on it.

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