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Why Fire-Pits are Replacing Your Usual Grill by the Pool?

One of the newest backyard trends involves having a fire pit placed on a patio or near a pool, instead of a traditional grill. This trend is all over the home television shows, and it even appears in magazines dedicated to the topic. The real question that you need to ask is why these things are so much more popular.

Is it because they allow you to cook your food in a better manner? Does it have anything to do with the overall ambiance that they create? In reality, it’s both of these and more. Let’s go over why fire pits are replacing grills at a rapid rate.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Knocking Them Over

If you’ve ever played a raucous game of pool tag, catch, or water polo, then you know the dangers that can occur. One errant ball thrown in the right direction – and one person jumping out of the pool to catch it – and your grill has been knocked over.

In some cases, the grill might even land IN the pool, causing even more of a mess. With a fire pit, you don’t have this worry. Plus, if you cover the pit while it’s not in use, you don’t have to deal with the potentiality that people might fall into it. Really, you’re better off with a fire pit if you plan on playing games in your pool or horsing around outside of it.

Fire Pits Are Great to Cluster Around

Another good thing about fire pits is the fact that you cluster a bunch of chairs around it and create a place to hang out. This works in a number of different situations. For example, if you just emerged from the pool and are a little chilly, you can wrap yourself in a towel and dry off near the fire pit.

Also, if you just want a good place to hang around when the pool isn’t in use – such as a warm summer evening or even sometime in the fall – you can turn on the fire pit and sit in the chairs around it. This a great place for a small family gathering.

You Can Make S’Mores over a Fire Pit

Have you ever tried to make s’mores over a grill? If you have, then you know that it doesn’t work so well. The flames don’t come up high enough to properly grill the marshmallows and you can’t really angle them far enough into the grill (because the slats between it are too small) in order to really get on near the fire.

A fire pit, on the other hand, is virtually built for making s’mores. The grill is removable when not in use, and the flames come up enough to make roasting things on a stick a fairly easy task.

Fire Pits Look Better Than Grills

Overall, fire pits just look nicer than grills. Sure, you can get a high-end grill, but it still resembles all of the other ones on the market, just with more advanced features. A fire pit, on the other hand, is very different. They are lower to the ground and have a very sleek look to them.

You can have a custom one built that matches your expectations. In addition, you have your choice of using natural gas, wood, or even charcoal, much like you do with a grill. Plus, fire pits don’t stand out the way that grills do. They really compliment the rest of your backyard scenery.

A Fire Pit Can Do Everything a Grill Can Do – And More

Did you know that fire pits are good for more than just sitting around them and talking? They can do much more than make s’mores as well. You can place a metal cooking grill over your fire pit and treat it just like a standard barbecue grill, only lower to the ground and fueled by wood.

It’s a little like cooking over a campfire, which isn’t impossible – just a little tricky since you need to keep a careful eye on the flames and the final temperatures of the food that you make. Fire pits really can be used in this manner.

You Can Design Your Yard around a Fire Pit

If you have a pool, then you’re most likely designing the rest of the yard around it. However, if you start with the fire pit, then you not only have more options as far as the pool is concerned, but you can also arrange everything else in a coherent manner.

For example, you can determine the best place for the fire pit and then work from there. Before you know it, you’ll have a backyard that has a number of harmonious features, including a fire pit and a pool.

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