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What Not To Do With Your Junk

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Clearing out some of the junk in your home or business can be a liberating process and even though it might feel good to clear out some of the items that have been building up inside your space, there are definitely some mistakes that can be made in the process of junk removal. In this blog post we want to go through some of the biggest mistakes that many people make in the process of junk removal. Here are some of the top things you should never do with your junk!

Leave It On The Street

It’s easy to consider leaving your junk on the street. Whether it’s putting it out with garbage on your regular garbage day or choosing to put it on the side of the road with a free sign on it, you may not be able to remove the junk from your property. When something ends up sitting out for a long time, it can only go further into disrepair and become less useful. 

Going to The Dump

Automatically taking all of your junk to the dump will only put more of what could be considered useful into a landfill. It’s possible that you could have older furniture or items that could be donated across your community rather than placed into the garbage.

Dumping Illegally

You should never consider taking some of your junk and dumping it at a local business or dumping it illegally. Even though it can be liberating to remove junk from your property, dumping it illegally to avoid paying any fees for removal is never a good option. 

Consider Contacting a Junk Removal Team Instead

If you want to get rid of all of the junk that has accumulated across your property, it could be wise to contact a junk removal and hauling service instead. Our team can help with the process of organizing your junk and then removing it. We ensure that we distribute items throughout the community as required and divert junk from landfills where appropriate. Let us do the sorting and hauling for you!

This post was written by Chad Merk. Chad is the owner of Dad and Son Hauling. Dad and Son Hauling is a family-owned and operated company that offers junk removal in St Petersburg FL. They do everything from full house cleanouts to simple appliance removal. Dad and Son Hauling is your one-stop shop for all your Junk removal needs.


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